Girlz Rule

Not to go all Slutwalk on you, but earlier today I read this passage about why girlz rule and felt as though I needed to share it with you. Because although I do experience a tiny bit of penis envy every once in a while, I generally believe that females are inherently the better sex (duh), and the reasons for that are articulated in the paragraphs below:

“Thirty years later he could not come to any other conclusion: women were indisputably better than men. They were gentler, more affectionate, loving and compassionate; they were less prone to violence, selfishness, cruelty or self-centeredness. Moreover, they were more rational, intelligent and hardworking.

What on earth were men for, Michel wondered as he watched sunlight play across the curtains. In earlier times, when bears were more common, perhaps masculinity served a particular and irreplaceable function, but for centuries now men clearly served no useful purpose. For the most part they assuaged their boredom playing tennis, which was a lesser evil; but from time to time they felt the need to change history–which basically meant inciting revolutions or wars. Aside from the senseless suffering they caused, revolutions and wars destroyed the best of the past, forcing societies to rebuild from scratch. Without regular and continuous progress, human evolution took random, irregular and violent turns for which men–with their predilection for risk and danger, their repulsive egotism, their irresponsibility and their violent tendencies–were directly to blame. A world of women would be immeasurably superior, tracing a slower but unwavering progression, with no U-turns and no chaotic insecurity, toward a general happiness.” – Michel Houellebecq, The Elementary Particles


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20 Replies to “Girlz Rule”

  1. solid. but as a female, i don't really believe in there being an 'inherently better sex'. i think human consciousness was created in order for us to experience 'here' compared to 'there' (otherwise all knowledge, all truth, would just be this indistinguishable, raging force). the two sexes are so radically different from one another, that all we can really do is learn from each other. i don't exactly understand why men gained the upper hand, but i think things are starting to change.(i hope this doesn't come across as ridiculously pretentious or something, because i really mean it, i'm just too simple to properly articulate my(?) thoughts.) anyway, sweet post slutever!

  2. OMG 4th comment down is someone posting as me, not actually me. Bitches! But no that's not me in the pic, it's Kat Dennings. And I think the 3rd photo down is just a fashion shoot.

  3. because I cannot live without them, and because they excite me and make me get an orgasm even also when I touch myself alone thinking of them, it's enough to believe we are not better than men..

  4. Feel like I should stand up for my sex, the penis possesors: not all of us start wars or revolutions. But when we do you can rest assured it's mainly because of you, the vagina wielders. Also, the claim that men are outrageously selfish and prone to egotism is a bit rich; some women I know are so incredibly infantile and self-centered that their gravitational pull equals black holes. Women are overrated. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

  5. oh cool I wasn't too late for a GUY to MANSPLAIN some shit for me. Thanks for ejaculating all over this girl power party post!

  6. Me-ow, you're welcome, Ames, it was, like, TOTES satisfying!Now fuck off back to Jezebel with your cheap American Apparel sarcasm.

  7. have you ever even been in an AA? that shit is expensive, $22 for a plain tee-shirt, no thank you. and since we are generalizing, get back to /b/ you pathetic troll

  8. Digital high five @ you Amy. "Da Man" can take his pseudo macho bullshit elsewhere. Slutever is clearly not the blog for you with that attitDUDE.

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