Talking Domination on Gunwash

A few days ago, I was a guest on Gunwash, a trippy radio show that records from the radio station in Roberta’s restaurant in Brooklyn. (I didn’t even know there was a radio station inside Roberta’s??? Fascinating.) The topic of conversation was “Dominatrixes”–what a Domme does, what subs want, etc.–and there was also a lot of talk about the host Aaron’s own personal relationship problems. Lol. It wasn’t the most erudite conversation of all time, given that everyone in the room except me was high on weed brownies, but there were definitely some interesting moments, specifically when Aaron was being spanked by the riding crop of dominatrix Mona St. Claire.

You can download or stream the radio show HERE. Fyi, I join about 20 minutes in.



7 Replies to “Talking Domination on Gunwash”

  1. Karley if those guys are examples of your male friends I can understand why you turned into a gay.

    What a bunch of douche bags.

  2. I was stoked to listen to you while I had my breakfast, but the dude going on about how he’d want to be able to touch if he went to a strip club was just way too grating and obnoxious for me :-(

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