The Search for the Perfect Panties

The creator of Hello Beautiful discusses the many sexy style inspirations behind her perfect white undies.
By Erika Allen 

Greer Simpkins is a dear friend of mine. When we were in college we’d stay up late at her apartment, drinking wine, smoking, and cooking while talking about boys and sex, and about feeling more like women than girls. We talked about finding the sexiest, most perfect pair of jeans and about her aspiration to create the perfect pair of panties.

Nearly a decade (UGH) later I’ve given up on the perfect pair of jeans, but Greer did make her perfect pair of panties. Her lingerie line, Hello Beautiful, debuted in December 2014 with her core product: a high cut, made-in-the-USA, 100% cotton underwear—no corporate logos, flashy colors, synthetic fabrics or on-trend designs. The undies were immediately picked up by iconic lingerie boutiques like Le Petite Coquette in New York.

Greer told me a bit about the philosophy and inspiration (including images) behind Hello Beautiful and what it taught her about femininity and sex.

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When did your quest for the perfect panties begin?

I was transformed by a tiny, cheap, Italian bikini when I was 17. What was different about it? The fit. This Italian string bikini was finely cut, showed off my body, sat at my natural waist, and overall me feel beautiful and feminine. Ever since, I sought this fantastic fit in a sea of thong, brief and boy-short underwear but never found an equivalent to my Italian bikini, let alone, in 100% cotton for my everyday needs. I dreamed about fashion’s pattern god, Azzedine Alaia and wondered what his everyday 100% cotton panty might look like?

What did panties teach you about women? About men?

Women need to put their desires first and foremost. Men who love women, will love them in anything. It is up to the woman to get into what gets her off. It helps to have good communication though and talk about ones turn-ons.

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What inspired your perfect white panties?

Women on the beaches in Europe, Brazil and Columbia: No matter what size a woman’s body is, she can often be found in a tiny, sexy, delicate bikini showing her natural curves off. A well coiffed Park Avenue denizen, who takes exquisite care of herself, or the un-self-conscious tight, spandex clothing wearing, beautiful Latin women who also ooze femininity.

The way these women put themselves together is incredibly sexy and elicits desire. It’s confidence that makes men and women notice us. Part of being self-confident is being able to say “ I am good enough. I like me.” I am inspired by clothing that makes you feel that way.

My entry into this world, in addition to that fantastic Italian bikini, was antique Victorian whites. Especially nightgowns and blouses, as well as, 1940’s bias cut slips and shopping for used clothing in general. The possibilities for expression are endless. Porta Portese Sunday market in Rome, Italy is my absolute favorite.

I also look to the delicate sewing technology of very fine, high-end lingerie to the cheap low-end. I’m obsessed with imported Brazilian underwear from a local bodega and my collection of European cotton knit underwear and camisoles. I pull details and information from both, also from vintage undergarments and images and books on fashion and sewing.

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Why start with white panties? 

White cotton is an absolute classic. It is timeless and goes beyond trends. White is easy to care for, old-fashioned. With 100% cotton you can get any stain out of your white panties! Look at the washing instructions on my website. Caring for your white underwear will become a treat, I’m telling you! I don’t advertise it, but bleach is a godsend as a back-up.

What’s the ideal place to be caught in just your panties?

In a garden, in front of a fire, your bedroom, by the ocean, in the kitchen, outside putting fresh whites on the clothesline…

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