I’m running out of ideas on how to humiliate my slave. Aside from getting him to buy me presents, and forcing him to take hideous naked photos of himself in his girlfriend’s underwear, I’m pretty lost. It would be wonderful if you all could help me. Please use the comment box below to suggest anything you think I should make him do. He’ll do anything I say, obvs.


It actually scares me how blase I’m becoming about being mean to him. I’d almost go as far to say I’m getting too comfortable with it. Below is some of our most recent correspondence.

He’s also started sending me an “orgasm diary” where he informs me about every single time he cums and the circumstances under which it happens (copied below). Apparently this is a normal thing subs do. I don’t really care when or why he cums, although occasionally his emails can be pretty funny, so I humor him. Although to be honest sometimes his emails are straight up depressing, so if I’m already in a bad or sad mood I refrain from opening them until I’m in a more positive state of mind.

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16 Replies to “HELP!”

  1. I think he should be made to tell his girlfriend what a revolting pervert he is so she can find someone better. Film it also, okay thanks.

  2. Get him to wear a chastity belt of sorts, maybe the kind with spikes or something equally painful. And he can only take it off when you say, and he has to send you like daily photos to make sure he's actually wearing it. Also maybe some body mutilation, like carving your name into his ass, similar to the new alternative to tattoos; scarification? When ideas run short, you could totes watch some Saw movies for inspiration. Also, since your slave is such a fucking pussy, maybe get him to walk around in drag and film it?

  3. I think you should make him stick vegetables up his ass, like carrots and to take photos if it up there and then to eat it. Or maybe get him to do a video of him jerking off into a glass, and then pissing in it and then drinking it. beautiful.

  4. More realistically:Hey Slave! Yeah, you sad little whore you, I'm directing this right at you. Listen to what I, some sexy bitch who'd rather fuck Karley than you any day (thats the fucking truth!) want you do do. I want you to spank your ass til its nice and red and send us a pic of that. And maybe a vid of you strip teasing on cam? Not that anyone wants to see your pathetic ass or your sad dick. You enjoy this sick shit don't you? Maybe wish that some black guy fucked your girlfriend silly in front of you, huh?Have a great fucking day, you sad little man.PS: I honestly hope your girlfriend knows about this, honesty is a good thing. And maybe she'll get in on the fun too? I kinda wish my bf had more of a masochist side, its sexy. Maybe not to this level, but mannn I'd love to tie HIM up for once. And seriously, I'd never fuck you. Now, Karley on the other hand, any day ;)

  5. i used to be a phonesex operator for 2 years, this fucking slave dude makes me sick, reminds me of all the weirdos calling. i swear i was so turned off guys doing that job (and no we dont like it, i used to play videogames and roll my eyes, or mute them and just dont listen)i HATE pervs i think they should all die, seriously

  6. I feel bad for him. Not in a way that would make him feel humiliated, though. Like, can he get off on being encouraged? Positive vibez, br0.

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