What Does a High Class Escort Carry in Her Handbag?

What you carry in your handbag defines you as a person. Obviously. I hung out with Claire, author of Slutever‘s Secret Diary of a Sugar Baby column, dug through her bag, and asked her what she can’t live without as she frolics around NYC banging dudes for money. LOL – Karley Sciortino


Claire: Always carry a clean pair of panties, just in case you get really wet with one client and then have to see another afterward.

Slutever: You sometimes see more than one guy in a day?

Sometimes, yeah. And you never know what’s going to happen—maybe you’re only seeing one guy, but you randomly have a lot of discharge that day, and you just want to be able to take off a clean, sexy pair of panties. I find a lot of guys are, like “underwear guys”—they want to eat you out over your underwear, or put your underwear in their mouth or whatever. And as an escort, I feel like you’re supposed to keep up the fantasy that you’re not a “real girl” and don’t have a real body that has discharge.

A Book

I’ve found that I can pick up more clients at hotel bars if I’m sitting at the bar reading a book, because it signals to people that you’re not waiting for anyone, that you’re there by yourself, so it’s OK if they come say hi. Also, the book is an icebreaker, because guys can be like “What are you reading?”

How fitting that you’re reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a book about a sugar baby! Is that intentional?

Ha, yeah, I really relate to Holly Golightly — lol. She’s essentially a 1950’s sugar baby who hangs around with guys who give her cash. I don’t think she performs sexual favors, though. I’m only on chapter 2.


Dry Shampoo

This is self-explanatory. If you bang more than one client in a day, you don’t want to show up to Client 2 with sex hair and cum in your bangs, obvi. Also, half my clients are spontaneous, so if I’m out and get a request I want to be able to make myself look presentable quickly, without going home to take a shower. I also usually have wet wipes in my bag, but not today. I think someone should invent the 20-minute salon, where you just pay to have a freshen-up, like someone runs an iron over your frizzy hair or fixes your broken nail. I think they’d be so successful, especially in NYC where you get disgusting running around the city all day.


It’s always good to have condoms in multiple sizes, as not to offend any guys. The guys usually provide their own condoms, but you should always carry them just to be safe — whether you’re an escort or not! There’s always the chance that a client will try to manipulate you into not using one, so having your own is a barrier against that.


I like lube, especially if you’re going to see multiple clients in a row, so you don’t get sore down there, because it prevents you from chafing.

And maybe you need lube because you don’t get as turned on with clients, if you don’t find them hot?

I actually really like lube even when I’m with my boyfriend. I don’t use it every time, but I think it feels different, for the guy and girl both. And you can also use lube for massages as well.

Phone Charger

It has two phone charges in it. A dead phone means no one can book me, so this it vital.


I fucked someone for this wallet. It’s beautiful.


Toothbrush and Makeup

Duhhhh, I can’t look like a monster.

Sex Toys

A vibrator and a butt plug can spice things up when a client is being really boring. A lot of people see escorts because the sex that they’re having otherwise is vanilla, so just by letting them use a vibrator on you, you can make them feel like they’re doing something really kinky and erotic. Also, some guys are so into making you cum, so if you can genuinely make yourself cum by using your vibrator they’ll really get off on that. And it’s a bonus for you too!


For running around the city in heels. And for covering your herpes. (J/K)


Usually I’ll wear flat sandals and then change into heels right in front of the hotel. I probably look like such a hooker when I do that—whatever.


I usually have at least $500 cash in my bag, because I make almost all my money in cash that I try to never use my card unless I have to, so I don’t have to deposit my “off the books” money into my bank account.

You’re so wise.



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