“Young, Black & Positive” – A New VICE Documentary Looks at The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

Although HIV rates across the US are on the decline, in Jackson, Mississippi, up to 40% of young black men who have sex with men have HIV—a statistic that rivals undeveloped countries in Africa. Nowhere in the country is the fight for LGBTQ equality more crucial.

Fueled by ignorance, racism, and a heavy hand of the church, this situation is truly horrendous.  This powerful new 30 min documentary was directed and produced by Adri Murguia (who I make the Vice Slutever show with). Below are a few words from Adri about the doc. I highly recommend you watch it (vid embedded below).

“Policy changes anticipated under a Trump-Pence administration could prove fatal to people dependent on funded sexual health services, such as Planned Parenthood. Medications like PrEP, PEP and antiretrovirals are fundamental to the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. Changes to the Affordable Care Act will further limit access to these drugs, in a situation where many people already go without treatment.

This past September I travelled to Mississippi to report on the silent HIV crisis in Jackson, which lies in the most conservative and racially segregated state in the country. During this process I met the most incredible people—people who are brave enough to stand up for who they are and what they believe in, despite living in a place that does not accept them. I am so grateful that they shared their stories with us.” – Adri Murguia

Main photo credit: Arkie Tadesse



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