How Not to Orgasm

Here’s a little instructional video for all of you sexually active people out there. The video was made by my friend, the lovely comedian Scott Rogowsky. I’m in it too. See if you can spot me.

Also: If you’re into laughing and happiness and awkward Jewish nerds (who isn’t?), then you should definitely go see Running Late with Scott Rogowsky–the live, late-night talk show that Scott hosts every other week at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. I’ve been a guest on it TWICE (nbd), and he’s also had some other OK-ish guests on the show too, like Rachel Dratch, David Cross and Amber Tamblyn, Jim Gaffigan, BIG ANG, etc. This Thurs, April 25th, the show will feature Carla from Mob Wives, author Sam Lipsyte, and Jake & Amir from College Humor. Be there or be square!



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    1. Hi karley, i totally understand why youre gay- i wouldnt fault a straight or bicurious female (after being titilated to frenzy by the sexual prowess and skill of a sexually attentive and diehard lesbian) if she began to question her long held personal assignations w re: sexual orientation, desire & pleasure etc..

  1. Are You Actually Having Sex In That Video Or Are You Just Faking It? I Feel Like There’s A 50/50 Chance Either Way And You’re Just So Good At What You Do That No One Could Ever Tell

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