How To Get What You Want In Bed

My latest Breathless column for Vogue is about how to get what you want in bed — #important! Like… what if you want to get spanked or choked in bed but you don’t know how to ask for it? Or, what if you don’t even know what you want?! Me and TeaSugartits” Hacic-Vlahovic weigh in HERE.



5 Replies to “How To Get What You Want In Bed”

  1. This is great. I really enjoyed reading your last column!

    Do you have any tips on where to look for amateurporn? I know the usual streaming sites but there’s a lot of shit to skip through there haha. I’m maybe looking for a blog/forum for recommendations etc?


  2. I literally have this issue. The worst is when d-bags talk the talk then when push comes to show (double entendre) they are just not all that. Srsly just slap me across the face and let me call you Daddy. *sighs* Men, right?

  3. Communication is key. But also, enjoying the moment is very important, too. A woman who is really fun in bed, knows what she wants, is probably a really cool person overall because she doesn’t complain about life. A woman can’t just tug a man’s pulsating erect penis hard and hope he cums and it’s over, she wants him gone. Some men actually enjoy the woman’s company. Otherwise, he can just jerk himself off. The man wants to have sex with “the woman”, not just a proverbial floating vagina, or a hole in the wall, or whatever. I like to look at a woman’s face while I’m having sex with her because if she’s really beautiful, it turns me on.

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