Huff-Post Live: Sluts Have No Friends

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Today I had the pleasure of being a guest on Huffington Post Live for the second time, this time to discuss a new study showing that everyone hates sluts, basically. The study came out of Cornell University, and found that women who have had 20 or more sexual partners by their early twenties have a much harder time making friends with other women, even other promiscuous women. Huff-Post wanted to know, “Why are women continually punished, even by each other, for enjoying sex?” On the panel with me were Zhana Vrangalova, a doctoral candidate at Cornell University and author of the study under discussion; Ella Sage, author of; and Joanna Silber, a student at the University of Essex and the head their feminist organization.

The conversation was really enlightening. You can watch the 20 minute segment HERE!



5 Replies to “Huff-Post Live: Sluts Have No Friends”

  1. I am a girls girl even though I would have fallen in the category at hand in the past. The reality is that with most judgemental women regarding slut shaming they were sluts themselves at some time in their lives. At the same time girls are banging guys for the sake of feeling liberated in a feminist kind of way. And because most girls don’t climax during sex, a feeling of shame and emptiness comes instead of an orgasm(not a good feeling at all). Also deep seeded insecurities within girls that they feel threatened by openly promiscuos girls because those girls seem to own their sexuality and bodies. Also the promiscuous girls are insecure by searching for validation of feeling attractive by banging random guys. My opinion is that we all have to live our experiences whether its on our backs, or not. But sooner or later we take a plunge on many, many, many wieners until we realize that is not really important anymore.

  2. It was great chatting with you on the show Karley. I really liked your perspective on the issue and how you articulated it. Looking forward to seeing you, perhaps at Ella’s party?

    1. You too!! Yes, see you the I’m Not Your Girlfriend party in Willamsburg on the 14th! (Take note anyone else who wants to come. Google details.)

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