Huff-Post Live: Pop Stars and Promiscuity

I was a guest on Huffington Post Live yesterday in a discussion on pop stars and how promiscuity is viewed in the modern world. Also in the discussion was Rich Juzwiak from Gawker, psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Tiger Howard Devore, lecturer in psychology at Brunel University, Michael Price, and writer Sierra Black. I didn’t manage to say anything too life changing during the 20 minute convo (although I did manage to say the word “casual” like 900 times somehow–uugghhh), but if you want to watch the segment you can do so HERE :)



4 Replies to “Huff-Post Live: Pop Stars and Promiscuity”

  1. “Tiger Howard Devore” sounds like a ballroom dancer’s name

    love that you’re in a panel where the main subject is Kesha

  2. no sweater stretchers/yum yum on display, no piss drinking, no period photos, no “this is how you make $ sucking dick” = No Comments LoL…come on you gotta admit, your last four posts got over 100 comments…

    i love how after a few minutes of talking you rested your head on your hand…you looked cute, although, it looked like you needed to wash your hair.

  3. Hey Karley,
    I have such a crush on you, me and my boyfriend often fantasize about a threesome with you…..i’m all “bothered” now….. where are you, i miss you updates.

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