I <3 Is Tropical

Some of my old squat buddies are in a band called Is Tropical. In honor of their awesomeness I made this extremely intellectually challenging video to explain why everyone should check out their recently released debut album, Native To. I lived with Is Tropical–AKA Simon, Gary and Dom–for a few years back when we were skanky London squatters eating out of the trash and having 2cb induced orgies. (Actually, I think they’re still doing that; thankfully I’ve moved on.) I’ve written about Simon’s escapades on this blog many times, for example the time he brought home a bag of human feces that he found on the street because he thought it was a bag of potatoes, then left it in the Squallyoaks living room for over a week. Or the other time when he gave a random old man head in the bathroom of a gay bar while in a K-hole for £45. Classy.

Below is the music video for their latest single, The Greeks, which I genuinely think is one the bestest most greatest music videos ever made.



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  1. you have totally done the LONDON>NYC thing of losting 15 pound immediately. I just hope it's not because you are doing tons of coke.

  2. Is Tropical came up with their band name very soon after I formed a hypothetical band called And Fashion Snakes, so I sort of have to take some/all of the credit for their name because I'm the one who came up with 'starting bands names with words that don't normally go at the beginning of stuff.' Also, thanks about the lipstick! It's called Rose Hip and is $1 from Walgreens' own line. Literally. Also, leave my roots alone you bitch! I can't afford hair dye right now because all the money I make goes toward my coke habit.

  3. I really don't understand why u're not super famous and successful (yet)! reading your blog always makes me laugh to tears.ps: you roots look sexy!

  4. Baghhh! I SAW THEM. I went to a Kitsune party for Cults, but Is Tropical stole the show 100%.The entire room turned into a stampede of foot stomping fun. Best gig this year, I'd say.

  5. I concur with the above. You are skinny! Eek. Is this what America does to the world? Not usually. How strange.

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