I got the Swag and it’s Pumpin’ out my Ovaries

So I’m over Paz de la Huerta and have moved on to a new girl obsession: Kreayshawn, AKA the “Gucci Gucci” girl. I interviewed her for Dazed the other day, and got really excited in a way I rarely do about interviewing “celebrities” (especially musicians–no offense). If you aren’t familiar, here’s some background:

Kreayshawn is 21 year old, loud-mouthed rapper from Oakland. Her debut single “Bumpin Bumpin” became a Youtube hit last winter, after which she became the topic of a zillion online debates about whether her irreverent, white-girl rap was the real deal, or just a really addictive spoof. Next came the viral sensation “Gucci Gucci”, the video for which features her LOLzing around with pals Odd Future on LA’s Fairfax Ave, rapping about blunts, Arby’s and Adderall. The video now has over 15 million views on Youtube, half of which I’m pretty sure were me. A lot of people seem to hate her, but I’m like WHY? Her music is good and she’s really fucking funny… what’s the problem? Judging by her Best New Artist VMA nomination and her recent big bucks deal with Columbia, she’ll probably be giving birth to tiny eggs of herself onstage before you can say “I got the Swag and it’s Pumpin’ out my Ovaries”.

Before life as an internet celeb, Kreayshawn directed music videos for Bay Area rap figures like Lil B, and she recently made a video for–randomly??–the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She also has a really lolz Tumblr where she regularly posts photos of herself smoking giant blunts, and super girly gifs of her face covered in sparkly Hello Kitty animations. She also looks like a lesbian thrift store cholita who works at Kid Robot. Which is cool, obvs. Below is an excerpt from our very serious and important conversation.

All of you Youtube videos have captions like ‘Hella high. Spittin’ some poetry from my soul… lol’. Do you love weed so much?
Kreayshawn: Yeah, I smoke a lotta lotta lotta weed. I have a couple songs that are just decided to smoking weed, like “God Bless this Doobie,” and stuff like that. I’m all about the weed.

What do you like besides weed?
Sailor moon, anime–I’m into stuff that’s really feminine. My room is all pink and covered in Christmas lights and Hello Kitty everything. That’s pretty much the swag right there.

So girly is good?
Yeah man. I’m hoping to inspire girls to do whatever is it they love–art, painting, graffiti, all that. It’s the girlpower message! Because there be beef out there in the streets, and it’s harder for girls. Guys get intimidated by powerful women, and some people don’t like me already before they even hear what I’m doing.

That ain’t cool yo.
Or other times I might get the easy way in on something, but then I realize it’s because this dude has a huge crush on me. But that’s not something I want to deal with so I just tell everyone I’m a lesbian and it works out way better that way.

What is your reaction to people thinking your music is inauthentic?
I feel like people watch the “Bumpin Bumpin” video with a Rebecca Black vibe. They’re like, ‘Is this girl making this song for real?! Does she really think this is cool?’ And I’m like, ‘Yo bitch, “Bumpin Bumpin” is serious. That’s a serious hit right there! That’s the swag!’


OK I have a few more quick but very important questions for you.
OK shoot.

God or your iPhone?
My iPhone. God can’t tell me how to get somewhere. Google maps can.

Cat eye or smoky eye?
Cat eye.

Weed or Adderoll?
Weed, duh.

Brick Lane or Fairfax Avenue?
Brick Lane! It’s my favorite place to shop in the world.

Nicki Minaj or Lil’ Kim?
I can’t pick. I pick Kreayshawn.

Cat or dogs?
Are you crazy? Cats all day. I’m a crazy cat lady.

Beyonce or Gaga?
I like them both.

“The L word” or “The Real L Word”?
“The L word.” Loads of my friends in L.A. are on “The Real L Word” though. Those chicks are crazy!

I love you.



39 Replies to “I got the Swag and it’s Pumpin’ out my Ovaries”

  1. Yo…tell her she can get a Hello Kitty debit card from Bank of America…just got mine…so fresh.You can get Hello Kitty email at Sanriotown.com too…:)

  2. i really want nothing to do with kreayshawn ever but i also usually trust your judgement so now i don;t know what to think. that line about inspiring girl semi-won me over for right now though…

  3. god she sucks. anyone who says swag that much is just trying way too hard and is severely lacking in the swag department. Gucci Gucci is an alright novelty song but this dumb bitch should have no appeal after that, she's wack.

  4. She's obviously not racist, the majority of people she hangs out with are black. And she works mainly with black artists. Pulling out the racist card is such a lazy criticism.

  5. Her flow and lyrics are a bit crap, it's like when you start rapping with your friends. But hey if people like it then i guess it's their tough shit. x

  6. Actually she doesn't say the n word it's her sister v-nasty that says it. Kreayshawn clears this up a million times on her twitter and tumblr, etc. etc. give the girl a break eh? she seems pretty cool and even though she's not like, the sickest rapper ever she did come up with the line "one big room. full of bad bitches" which i will now probably say for the rest of my life-catchy shit

  7. she's appropriating black culture and getting away with it. kind of racist. plus, being cool with ofwgkta isn't exactly the greatest achievement. a white girl born upper middle class that raps about being "real"/lower class who hangs out with black guys that are obsessed with rape and homophobia, how great.

  8. I like her!! you don't HAVE to be black to rap.. that's more racist than some white bitch saying nigga. she's fun, and her lyrics are winner winner chicken dinnery'all are just JEL

  9. Karley, this "article" makes me lose respect for you. You've lost brownie points. Is this a joke? Why are you interviewing this untalented piece of shit? Her music is nothing. The world would still be the same, if not better without her "music". No, really. She's a try-hard hipster with no real voice, lack of talent. I'm wondering how she got so famous? Must be her name or the thousands of pathetic 15-year-old scenegirls that also like hello kitty and "smoking doobiez br0"

  10. Are you trying to 'broaden' your audience to teenage dumb-dumbs who like white-girl-shit-girl-rap?How fucking unoriginal. What makes kreayshawn different? The fact that she's dressed up her vocoder/Lady Sovereign-she-wishes act up with some hipster get-up and some lame blog with her posting pictures of 'gettin' so b@k3d 8r0'See her for what she is. A scenekid who probably had thousands of sheep (followers) on myspace and then became irrelevant and now she's trying to get that audience back by dressing up herself as a rapper. Pah. I can't believe Karley Sciortino has stooped so low as to interview a nothing-no-name-bullshit-piece of burnt turd. Your articles aren't quality anymore. What happened to the old Karley? She would never give this girl the time of day.

  11. kreayshawn +karley 4ever!!!!! Anytime a woman with a big personality jumps into the scene there are a lot of really vocal haters. Also, old people hate feeling old. #internetcommentsarereallyimportant

  12. Hey all you uptight lil' bitches. What's really racist is saying you have to be poor and black to rap or be real "hip hop". Remember the Beastie Boys? Duh…Ya'll are haters, lighten up, have some fun. You obvs have never been down, never will be, and probs work for Gucci, Fendi, Louis V, or Prada. Gross…It's dope someone is actually calling that shit out. Girls got 15,250,262 and rising views on Youtube and probs gots a sick record deal in the mix. What you got hater? A hand bag?

  13. Seriously, Karley?You are so much better than this. Natassia Zolot's "single" mother was in a mid-90s rockabilly band called "The Trashwomen" that catered to slimy redneck Elvis clones. Her press kit is a pack of lies, and her "white girl mob" sucks harder that a coke whore at 4AM. You and I both know that Sony is bankrolling what amounts to a hillbilly girl in blackface yelling "Mammy" for cash.And now hundreds of equally stupid white girls think they are entitled to walk around dropping the n-bomb and telling black people to shut up. When black artists (rightfully) fight back, they get slammed by hundreds of anonymous white bitches.Why would you ever support this? Did John Galliano cancel on you?Ugh.

  14. she obviously is the I RAP I CANT BE RACIST I HAVE BLACK FRIENDS kind of racist. looool her whole entire sob story WAH ITS SO HARD BEING WHITE, GAWWWWWD. cry me a river, fucking awful idiot.

  15. …wow people are getting a bit too upset about this. You're probably all forgetting that Karey didn't randomly hunt down this girl, she was asked to interview her for Dazed AS A JOB. If I got asked to go and interview Kreayshawn and get paid for it I'd be pretty excited, the girl's interesing, she's proving increadibly controversial. grow up with the OMG KARLEY U TOTALLY USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE AND NOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS AND INTERVIEW PEOPLE I DON'T LIKE I H8 U.

  16. The response to this is ridiculous. I love this blog. People waste too much energy being negative. (Can you plz do a post about foot fetish) xoxo

  17. Hi Karley,I love love love your blog. Have been reading for forevz, just wanted to ask about that slave(s) you used to have…what are some good degrading things to say/do? I'm really new to this but found one of those 'cash chow' guys, which I'm totally in need of, except I'm not really sure what to say to him…Help! xxx

  18. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA…aaa…AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAAAA!HOLY SHIT! Internet backlash is swift and unforgiving!"Karley, for years I have loved and respected your opinions and judgment on things and life, but now since I disagree with this one thing I hate you and I hope you are a dead… or something."These people are total LAMEZORS.I think you are wonderful and love that you do whatever the fuck you want and don't pretend like commenting on someone else's blog is "being creative."There are few people who actually DO anything anymore and the rest of 'em just wait until someone else is doing something with their lives so they can be upset about themselves not doing anything… a little thing called jealousy.Keep makin' 'em jealous, hon, you're the best :)

  19. i think any woman is rad who puts herself out there unabashedly.there is plenty to rap about bein' a woman. she lives in east oakland. ya'll wanna live in east oakland in her place? shut the FUCK UP.and gucci gucci is a hella catchy.

  20. You sheep need to realize she isn't doing anything original or inspired. I bet you that every person who has defended her here on this post are all under the age of eighteen.

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