Ignorance or Insensitivity? Dealing with Transgender Culture

Katie Hill and Arin Andrews in Barneys New York’s catalog, by Bruce Weber
My latest Breathless column for Vogue is about trans culture and the danger of ignorance. I learned a lot while researching and writing the article, and not to be cheesy but I’m proud of how it turned out :) I hope you like it too! You can read it HERE.

Also, side note: A few posts ago I wrote about a new, awesome, girl-power VICE show called Every Woman that my friends Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite made, and the first episode is finally out! You can watch it HERE.



7 Replies to “Ignorance or Insensitivity? Dealing with Transgender Culture”

  1. In my opinion the breathless columns (and most things on this blog these days) is too sanitized and calculated. I liked Slutever because it was honest and funny and tragic and said things that really resonated with me because they were not perfect and not the same old shit. Slutever used to be so uncool it was cool. Now it is so cool that it’s uncool.

    1. Tragic would be not developing a body of work beyond drunken blog posts typed from a pile of filth at squallyoaks. We all lived like that at 21, it can’t go on forever. Bitch is 27, do you think she wants to eat out of the dumpster forever just to entertain ppl.
      Read this one it will change your mind :) x

  2. I like the article. I’m trying to learn more about trans. It’s a difficult concept when you’re raised to not understand anything. So far I get the transition part but I haven’t grasped why someone would cut off their dick. It seems extreme. Now will I be criticized for not getting this part?

  3. yeah! breathless so far seemed like this more ‘digestible’ version of you (i read this for years and now i miss the honest/funny/tragicness as well). i was going to write the blog off but think i won’t after reading this…it’s great you’re now using that platform to talk about something really important, and i think you did it in a respectful way that engages trans women’s voices and experiences. thanks!

  4. One does wonder how it’s possible to determine what is actually feminist and what is actually just common stupidity and sheer laziness on the part of those women. Who in their right mind would voluntarily behave in that fashion without realising that they are definitely on the wrong track and they need to make some major readjustments to their lives. The other issue that amazes me is, who actually funds that level of obvious non-creativity, that level of banality that will never be exposed anywhere but to a few choir members. What a waste of funding and cash can could be used by some talented people who do not wallow in doctrinal irrelevancies.

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