How prevalent is infidelity? Dr. Zhana and Slutever Discuss the Science of Cheating

Last week I joined Dr. Zhana Vrangalova for a talk on cheating: How prevalent is infidelity? Do men cheat more than women? Why do people cheat, and what are the consequences? We break it ALL down in this talk. Watch the VIDEO of the presentation here :)

Regular readers of this blog already know Dr. Zhana (who I call the “archangel of sex positivity”), the sex researcher and human sexuality professor at NYU. She also writes the Ask a Sex Researcher column for Slutever. This talk on infidelity was the first installment of Zhana’s new conversation series, Sex Science Social, where each month she will geek-out over the science of a specific sexual topic, followed by a BYOB social where like-minded sluts chat about slutty stuff. It all happens at the beautiful Hacienda Villa, an amazing sex-positive community in Brooklyn. It’s so fun! If you live in NYC you should come to the next one.

Below is the video of last week’s talk on infidelity.. Zhana gives the science and facts, and I am her self-defined “non-scientific anecdotal sidekick.” Enjoy :)

Oh and for super nerds, click here to view the slides from Zhana’s Keynote presentation.



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