Initiation – a new short film for Purple TV

Initiation is a new short film for Purple TV. I directed it with my friend, the artist Coco Young. It stars Carly Mark, Alexandra Marzella, Sara Grace Powell, Coco and me, and was edited by Lessa Millet. Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, and was filmed at an Ivy League school. You can watch it HERE.

I haven’t made a video for Purple in a while. If you’re in the mood for a #throwback, the most recent was a blow-job instruction video that I made with Sandy Kim last May.



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  1. The internet chatter seems very concerned with wether or not you cleaned up after yourselves. I suggest also releasing the festishistic “clean-up” video.

  2. This is the best representation of White Feminism I’ve ever seen. Skinny white girls doing meaningless nonsense while making a mess in the name of female empowerment. I love it! The girl fake-twerking in huge panties at the end is brilliant and really sends the message home.

    Amazing xx

  3. Well done. There’s a nice “Mirror, Father, Mirror” quality here that makes my knees buckle. Er’body be directin’!

  4. I was very moved when I viewed the video.
    Thank you.
    Bless you and all involved.
    May I ask whose idea it was to :
    1) paint the number 7 on the backs of the girls
    2) ride each other with a face mask?
    3) egg yolk ?
    4) drag the girl through the middle of the hallway by the legs
    5) think of going topless
    6) think of the purple rubber chicken
    7) the blue moon t shirt
    8) the greek letters

    May I ask in particular about the greek letters (the rest I believe I
    am grateful for). What do the letters (Delta, Sigma), Phi, Psi mean ?

    Thank you and if it means anything I have taken the liberty to defend
    your good work on and elsewhere. Love, blessings, peace, joy
    for all involved!

  5. If women continue to protest inequality by showing their breasts, they will never achieve equality, for men will have a new avenue to exploit to get women to parade around shirtless. I don’t quite understand how some feminists haven’t yet realized that protesting nude is exactly what the hegemonic males desire. If these gals really want to be novel and make a profound statement, they shouldn’t be taking clothes off, they should be putting more clothing on. Wearing, say, a burka, will loudly declare to the male ruling class that we can expect to “git non'” until some changes are made. Taking the shirts off BECAUSE you feel oppressed or repressed as women only tells us that we can maintain the status quo and still get you naked. That’s a win-win.

  6. This film offends me. Not because it is basically stupid and plotless, but because you filmed it with a frigging GoPro or phone. The DSLR revolution made cinema level production value cheap. Step it up ladies. Learn the meaning of “depth of field” and try again…Linda

  7. Trippy video Karley…….though I still blew a big load stroking to your tits…..thank you for being such a terrific sperm killer ha ha….xoxo

  8. what is this shit? I mean, you girls are hot, but you’d be better off dropping the pretence and just making full-on lesbian porn. the librarian must’ve enjoyed the show though…

  9. I beg you Karley, in the name of justice to write an article on the Allen vs Farrow case, especially regarding Dylan and the recent, very faulty NY article Woody Allen has published.
    However, if you read the court documents, you can see that Woody Allens article is full of faults and assumed that the reader would take his word for granted.
    I know your website deals with sexuality, so I hope there is some room where this case fits in.

  10. I found this site when checking my daughters internet history and the main reason I keep coming back is cos you get em out often and you have a face that just begs to have a cock jacked off all over it. I can almost imagine how hot you’d look with cum sprayed all over your face while you try to catch it with your tongue, dripping down onto those tits…holy shit. Thanks for making an old man very happy.

      1. “He” is doing it in order to discourage freedom in your midst. They did that to the Muslims by engaging in unorthodox shock tactics and their society completely imploded to the point that women cannot walk outside without a tent and sometimes they cannot even walk outside their homes (they are home bound by the local religious law). This stuff still goes on in the Islamic world where instead of odd white men making such comments, the attacks are (allegedly) written by scary African and Indian (or Black) men. Just remove that comment and pretend like it never existed.

  11. Just about a hundred years ago in order to protest or make a noble statement all you had to do was to impress public with your unmatched intelligence. These days apparently – nudity is all you need. Brains don’t matter anymore?
    The truth is – the film has absolutely nothing to do with woman improvement. It is just a lousy attempt to cover up or justify their desire to publicly expose their secret dirty and naughty side. These girls are simply desperate.
    As far as rating – it would not make it even close to the top shelf of any cheap DVD XXX shop.
    FYI, a self-respecting viewer will close this video in a few seconds and move to something more interesting.
    I’m not the one, I know. But this crap did not even move me or got me hard.

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