Interview with a Pee Slave

Urophilia is a pretty vanilla fetish. Sure, peeing on your boyfriend can be super hot and weird and fun, but on the grand scale of sexual deviancy it’s like a four. Bladder desperation, on the other hand, is a paraphilia related to the piss fetish that’s a lot more extreme/edgy. This is when people get off on being forced to hold their pee in for long periods of time, sometimes to the point of causing “an accident.” Some pee slaves go so far as to surrender total control over when and how they use the bathroom to their dominant sexual partner. This can be done for the purpose of humiliation, but it can also be a sign of devotion from the pee slave to his or her dom. Think of it as a symbol of their special bond. Aww, total cute alert!

Ricky is a 29-year-old Walgreens employee from Biloxi, Mississippi. He gets off on girls controlling when, where, and how much he pees. He says his obsession with bathroom control/denial has become so extreme that it consumes every aspect of his life, to the point that he now has to carry a measuring cup with him at all times (more on that later). Some cases of bladder desperation fetishism have been associated with suffering forced waste retention as a child, like being denied bathroom breaks during class at school (which truly is a twisted form of punishment, WTF?). However Ricky says that this is not the case with him, adding that, “I love it just because I do, and I will hold my pee for any girl, no matter who or what they are.”

How do you meet girls who will make you hold in your pee?
A lot of fetish sites have special sections for people who are into bathroom control. It’s not one of the most popular fetishes, like foot worship or flogging or whatever, but you’ll normally be able to meet at least some people who are into it. Even if they don’t live near you you can talk on the phone. Like I have girls in my cell phone who I sometimes call after I’ve been holding in my pee for a long time, and I beg them to let me pee and they tell me I can’t pee. And I sometimes play holding games with girls on my webcam too.

Had anyone ever made you hold in your pee in person?
Yes, I have a mistress whose house I go to about once a week. She lives an hour drive from me, and she controls everything about when and how I use the bathroom. When I’m with her she forces me to drink glasses of water until I get really desperate and then spanks me, which hurts really bad when you have a full bladder. Sometimes she’ll make me hold it until I wet myself or mess myself. She also controls my bathroom privacy, so sometimes she’ll watch me in the bathroom and then wipe me afterward. Or sometimes she won’t let me use the toilet at all, so I have to pee on a towel or in a jug or dig a hole outside and pee in there.

Sounds fun.
Yeah. Or then sometimes she will give me an enema and then tease me as my bladder fills until I feel like it’s going to burst, and watch me dance around–like doing the pee-pee “I have to go real bad” dance–until I have an accident. And then she will make me put my nose in it like you do to a dog who had an accident on the carpet.

What about the times you’re not with the mistress? How does she control your bathroom use then?
I’m currently on a pee schedule that she made. I’m allowed to pee four times a day: 9 AM, 1:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 10:30 PM. If I’m really desperate in the middle of the night I might be able to pee if I text her and ask permission. But then sometimes she will order me to skip one of these and wait until the following time, which is when it gets really terrible. Also I’m not allowed to pee more than 300ml each time, which means I have to pee into a measuring jug. I bring the jug with me to work every day, and basically every time I leave the house if it’s going to fall on a bathroom break.

That sounds almost impossible.
You get better at it as time goes on. I know what positions are most comfortable to sit in when I’m really full. And I only drink large amounts of liquid right before a pee break. And it’s bad to wear tight pants, because they squeeze your bladder.

What’s your ultimate fantasy?
My dream is to find someone willing to kidnap me and rape me and make me their slave, who will push me into losing weight by spanking me and making fun of me. They will make me a slave to farm animals or a dog or a horse or anything, make me eat their shit, and fill my bladder with a catheter until I’m going to burst. I’m also into role-playing–being cooked like a pig–but I don’t know if I could make this happen in real life.

I wish you luck in all of your pursuits.

P.S. Did reading this article make you totally DTF? Are you wetter than normal down there, do you have a semi? If so then you probably should check out these videos. You never know, maybe some bladder desperation is just what you need to spice up your sex life. Or just your life in general. Be interesting, everyday!


This particular vid is of a Japanese bladder desperation tournament. In Japan the fetish is known as omorashi, and (not surprisingly) is super popular.




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