Is Anal Sex No Longer Taboo?


The moment no one was waiting for is finally here: I wrote about butt sex for Vogue. Chic? Is butt send on trend now? Is there a “right way” to do it? To find out, read my latest Breathless HERE :)



3 Replies to “Is Anal Sex No Longer Taboo?”

  1. I’m always looking forward to your Vogue columns and reaaally thank them for publishing them, because otherwise I would’ve never discovered your awesome blog. The fact that this one in particular is causing so much reaction on Vogue’s Facebook only demonstrates that there’s a still a big need to start up conversations about sex. So thanks Karley, keep doing what you’re doing! You’ve made me less judging (myself and others) in the past months.

    (Just wanted to add something positive to the conversation, and Vogue site wouldn’t let me without subscribing to something :) :) )

  2. Love that you’re talking about anal sex on Vogue and even talked about getting a condom dirty, hah. I feel bad for straight guys who don’t wanna try anal stimulation because it’s taboo or whatever, they’re really missing out.

    Btw you missed a “to” in this sentence:
    “Sometimes, when it comes [to] anal sex, the gender roles are reversed.”

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