Is Instagram Ruining Your Love Life?

… and maybe just your life in general? Read my new Breathless column for Vogue to find out. This week, I weigh in along with the wonderful Petra Collins. Read HERE :)



7 Replies to “Is Instagram Ruining Your Love Life?”

  1. Hi,

    I can’t watch any of the Be here Nowish, is it because i’m in the uk? It just doesn’t pop out, anywhere :(

  2. You are such a babe! The column photos just keep getting better. As do the columns I have to say. I can totally relate to the whole staring at your own feed bit. I always get worried someone is going to catch me staring at my own page and think I’m a total narcissist, while really I’m just comparing myself and wondering if my photos look half as cool as others do…

    Thanks for always being raw & real ~ saying the things that other people are too afraid to.

    xxxx Amanda

  3. Thank you so much. I’ve been thinking about Instagram and social media A LOT lately. I want to delete it and push it out of my life, but then I’ll be a ghost in the world of the internet. Oh what truly tragic lives us modern girls lead. You’re awesome and I’ve totally been jealous of your Instagram before. You’re a working writer/model/badass!

  4. thanks for the honesty. the only social media i do is reddit. i can’t handle any of the others – never have, never will. i feel a bit sorry for this younger generation who live their lives via social media. you really can stop all the madness if you want to. your life would be more peaceful.

  5. So true!! It’s good to hear such an honest comment because who could you talk about these problems? Well, I certainly can’t tell my friends ‘Er yeah.. I spend lots of time just stalking his ex-gf’. And I wonder myself, too, WHY CANT I stop?? I guess there is this lure in which I try to identify with her..

    But then again, your conclusion is not very satisfactory. We always try to diminish another’s success by saying: Well, he/she probably has lots of problems herself and maybe even posting so many pictures actually is a result of him being depressed! I disagree.. I think a lot of people ARE successful and want to show off that they are having a good life… is it possible to have the need to SHOW everyone how ‘great’ you are while at the same time, being happy? Hmm…

    I think lots of people might see this phenomena of Instagram not as a serious issue (‘its just the internet, babes’) but I do think it has wider consequences… that probably are not that clearly visible at first sight.

    Thanks for the post, Karley.

    And oh btw, why did you shave your armpit hair? Currently I haven’t shaved for the last… 5 months or so and constantly feel like ‘Hmm.. if someone sees it, I’d feel a bit ashamed’ WHY do I HAVE to feel like this? I shouldn’t care!! Anyway, your armpitlessness made me now even more a bit insecure…

    Love you anyway!! xxx

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