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Hi, meet Joe and Duke, 8 year old identical twins and two of the sweetest, most adorable kids on earth! When they’re not busy learning how to read or tie their shoes or whatever it is 8 year olds do, Joe and Duke spend their time chillin’ at the George and Dragon pub in east London, necking shots of apple juice and just generally being cool. They’re also budding fashion icons. To date they’ve been in a Stella McCartney GapKids campaign, were photographed by Nick Knight as part of his 100 Portraits series for the 30th anniversary of i-D, and were recently shot by Mert and Marcus for Love. Whoa, imagine where they’ll be when they reach the double digits. Probably editing Vice Style.

Joe and Duke’s parents are the amazing Pippa Brooks and Nathaniel Lee Jones, who together run M.Goldstein, a small shop/showroom in east London which sells punk art, antiques, human skulls and lots of other weird and amazing stuff. In the 90s Pippa co-ran the legendary, cult Soho boutique, Shop. She’s also a former Playboy bunny. Their family makes mine and your families look lame in comparison. 

All the bitchy fake bullshit that exists within the fashion world can be a real drag sometimes. In need of some purity, I decided to ask Joe and Duke for their opinions on fashion, personal style and the reasons behind why people wear what they do. We also played dress-up in the park. They styled themselves, obvs.

So, do you guys pick out your own clothes?

Both: Yeah.

How would you describe your personal style?

Duke: Funky.

Is it good or bad to look different?

Duke: It’s good, because if everyone wears the same thing then it’s boring and it just looks like everyone came out of the same house.

Should people be able to wear whatever they want? Is it right or wrong that people get made fun of because of their clothes?

Joe: It’s wrong, because everyone is allowed to have their own style. And because it’s mean. And because other people don’t decide how you look.

So true. Does anyone at your school ever get made fun of because of what they wear?

Joe: I do sometimes.

What do you say back?

Joe: Normally I say I don’t care, because it took me a long time to pick out this outfit!

What can you tell about a person by the clothes they wear?

Joe: Sometimes you can tell if they’re boring. Or funny.

Duke: You can tell if they are geeks.

What do geeks wear?

Joe: They have black eyes all over. And no teeth. Definitely no teeth.

Can you tell whether or not you would want to be friends with someone based on what they’re wearing?

Duke: Maybe.

Joe: Sometimes. It’s good when people wear clothes that make them feel good.

Do you guys share clothes?

Joe: No! Are you crazy?

Why not? You’re the same size.

Joe: Actually, he’s bigger. He’s one minute bigger.

Who is the best dressed person in the world?

Joe: Me!

Duke: No, not you Joe! Sometimes I like Lady Gaga’s clothes.

Do you like what your mom wears?

Joe: Sometimes. I like it when she wears dresses. Sometimes we give her fashion advice, but she never listens.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Duke: I might want to be a geologist, and if I don’t get that than a biologist, and if I don’t get that than a weapon maker, and if I don’t get that than a waiter, and if I don’t get that than I’ll just be rich.

Joe: I might want to be a DJ. Or a fashion designer.

If you were a fashion designer, what would you make?

Joe: Jeans probably.

Good choice.

All photos by myself (Slutever, duh) and Mavi Staiano



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  1. i lOVE this and your whole blog in general. It's probably the only one blog with a lot of words rather than pictures that doesnt make me fall asleep.

  2. Wow! This was such a fascinating read. They sure have some style – loving the bubblewrap? nightgownthing.. Definitely checking out your blog regularly ^^xx Vanessa

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