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Here’s Why You Should Invest in Your Sexual Pleasure

July 3, 2018

We invest in lots of things—travel, our wardrobes, apparently magic moisturizers—so why should our sex lives be any different? Basically, we’re adults—it’s time to stop buying junky plastic vibrators and start properly investing in our hedonistic futures.

This article was created in partnership with LELO

Modern life can often feel like an endless gangbang of stress and anxiety, and as a result we’ve all been bunkering down, indulging in so-called “self care.” But, based on personal experience, our collective definition of self-care might be overcompensating in the quantity department and under-representing in terms of quality. When “treating myself” just means bleeding out money on gel manicures, overpriced anti wrinkle creams, kale injections, and paying a stranger from an app to do my laundry, maybe it’s time I started treating my investments in self care as what they are—investments.

It’s infinitely more satisfying to invest in something beautiful that you’ll have forever than frittering away $20 here and $40 there on random garbage. For instance, it took me years to work out that it’s better to invest in one pair of beautiful, well made high heels instead of buying 90 ratchet pairs that break after 2 nights out. Same with my sex toys—I bought dozens of CVS vibrators and junk plastic butt plugs (which all ended up in the vibrator graveyard under my bed) before I finally started investing in pleasure products that actually last. Just like our wardrobes, homes, bodies and minds, our pleasure is something that should be actively cultivated, stimulated, and celebrated. As a culture, we’ve normalized spending money on lots of pleasurable things—ya know, exotic vacations, expensive handbags, fancy massages, avocado toast—so why do we think it’s crazy to invest in our sex lives?

lelo luxury sex toys anniversary collection sex box

If you’re interested in investing more in this department, LELO, a maker beautiful sex objects, is celebrating their 15th anniversary with a limited edition collection of 12 high-end toys, each serving as a marker for an important point in the company’s history. These carefully curated sex items come in either a luxe pink or black suitcase (James Bond-style—e.g. the only briefcase the modern slut will ever need) and represent the culmination of a decade and a half of innovation in the realm of pleasure production. The 15th Anniversary Collection contains LELO BDSM toys ranging from an elegant butt plug (for “chic butt stuff” only), to ornately engraved handcuffs, to a feather teaser (for hours of tickle touching—the best), to something known as “the Ax” (mysterious). It’s a beautiful assortment of objects, and the intent behind it is to herald a new era of attention to pleasure. Yes, LELO is paving the way for a more mindful and indulgent epoch for self care, with this little black box of dreams :)

Sex and masturbation are crucial to our mental and physical health, so why wouldn’t we treat them in the same way we do other crucial parts of our lives? For most of us, it takes a good while to figure out what exactly turns us on. So once we’ve figured it out, why not indulge in it to its fullest extent? Anyone who has invested in some truly beautiful lingerie, or a quality, silicone vibrator knows that investing in the touch, feel, and look of sex is important. This is the best kind of hedonism—the kind that thrills, indulges, and where the only pain is consensual :)



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