Masturbation Report: Stats on Self-Love

Words: Karley Sciortino / Photo: Ellen von Unwerth /

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? Yeah, it’s random, and I don’t really understand the point (isn’t every month masturbation month?), but let’s just go with it. In celebration of self-love, the sex toy brand We Vibe did their first ever national masturbation report. They talked to 600 men and women across the United states, ranging from age 20-70, identifying as single, in a relationship or married, and the stats and insights they founds are pretty interesting. Here goes… 

Talking about self-love: 

85% of people say they’re more comfortable talking about masturbation in general now than they’ve been in the past, generally siting it as being “less taboo” thanks to TV, movies, and the availability of info online (and Slutever, realistically).

Millennials win! Millennials said they were far more comfortable speaking about masturbation with a friends over older generations. 85% of millennials (aged 22-34) reported talking about masturbation with friends, compared to only 65% of Gen-Xers. Although men were more likely to talk about masturbation with friends than women (34% vs. 29%).

The beginning…

45% of respondents reported beginning their masturbation journey between the age of 13-19, regardless of gender. However, 20% of women reported that they did not begin masturbating until they were into their early twenties! OMG! What were they doing before then!? Reading?!


87% of people say they masturbate because they feel “in the mood,” or stimulated (55%), regardless of gender. Other reasons for masturbation include stress or anxiety (38%), boredom (26%) and excitement (21%). [Note: Wait, did seriously no one say they masturbated for procrastination purposes?! They should have surveyed me!]


The most common place to masturbate is in the bedroom (80%) or their shower/bathroom (31%). Men also favored the couch (23%). Interestingly, the car was the third most popular jerk-off destination! 20% of men and 19% of women reported the car as the most unusual place they’ve masturbated. I wish I had a license :(

6% of men reported masturbating at the office (#unprofesh). Other unusual places reported include planes, trains and busses (that’s me!).


When temperatures go down, masturbation rates increase. 82% of participants reported masturbating the most during winter months. 

With what?

68% of respondents reported using their hand most often when masturbating, 26% reported using a vibrator and 6% reported using some other sex toy (plunger?).

According to We Vibe’s separate survey of 500 women, more than half (55%) reported masturbating once per week or more. 50% use the vibrator weekly on their own, while 27% use a vibrator with their partner.

To porn or not to porn? When it comes to getting in the mood, more than half of respondents find their own imagination is sufficient (53%). However, men reported having much higher use of visuals for stimulation while women were more auditory. 57% reported that they watch adult content, 81% of which were male. Women were two times more likely than men to listen to music as part of a general routine when masturbating (26% vs. 11%).

With or without you…

Masturbation isn’t a singles only sport—3 in 4 women reported that they were just as likely to masturbate while in a relationship (duh). 59% said there’s no difference in the frequency of their masturbation, regardless of their relationship status. 61% said that their significant other knows that they masturbate, and ¼ said they weren’t sure if their significant other knew. 39% of respondents stated they masturbate in front of their significant other.

Funny: 63% of respondents said they were more likely to achieve an orgasm alone than with a partner, 68% of which were female and 75% of which were aged 46-54.



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