Millennials, Safe Sex and HIV

We’re millennials! We’re the best at everything–becoming internet celebrities, making apps, being entitled and narcissistic, you name it! The only thing we’re not so amazing at is having safe sex… whoops. You can read my latest Breathless column HERE, written with the help of my fave pornstar, Stoya.



8 Replies to “Millennials, Safe Sex and HIV”

  1. Very interesting article. I think it’s almost shocking how we deal with HIV in Western Countries.
    I volunteered in Zambia where HIV is very real (15% in my village) and people are so concerned they all talk about it. In churches, in school, at local meeting. they do a lot so people will get tested of course there is a lot of difficulties like access to condoms.
    One issues that was sad and interesting was what they called multiple concurrent partners. You are in a relationship supposed to be monogamous but if one is cheating with somebody else who also have sex with another and so on…you see the network that it creates and the danger of having unprotected sex.
    In Europe I feel people are so careless because they don’t think they are at risk. It’s a shame because it’s very easy for us to access condoms. However I feel the informations for lesbians is really not spreading, the truth is there is a real taboo about it.

  2. Ugh thanks girl for writing this. It was actually a good slap in the face wake up call for me. Why does it seem like no one ever uses condoms? Literally everyone I know (myself included) has drunk unprotected sex and just hopes for the best. Ugh now I’m all freaked out. Seriously though, thank you. xx

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