Missing Stan…


I’ve been feeling sort of sad lately. I’m not sure why, really. I guess in a way I miss London. Not to say I don’t love spending time with my family and hometown friends—I really do (especially my gay vegan brother: coolest dude ever). But I do find that whenever I come back home I just feel like there’s a part of me that’s… I don’t know… missing.
However, my sadness was temporarily mended today when I received the sweetest, most lovely email from my intern back in London, Stan. If you don’t remember Stan, he’s the intern I hired back in August to do things like make me mixed drinks, update my Facebook status and change my tampons [see posts Stan pt 1 and Stan pt 2]. However, over time I came to really love Stan, and learned to think of him as more than just a slave, but as a friend (and even a lover, on occasion—mostly when wasted). It wasn’t long after we met that Stan practically moved in with us, and everyone agreed he was truly one of Squallyoaks gang.
However, due to me coming back to New York and our eviction from our most recent squat, my relationship with Stan has been on the outs recently. That was until I received his email this morning, reminding me just how much I truly miss my beautiful, wasted, freakishly devoted boy servant. His message read as follows [click to enlarge]:
Aww Stan… I miss you too! I’m sorry if sometimes in the past I acted like a total bitch and made you sleep on the floor. I really do love you, and I promise things will be different when I get back next week (although you still might have to sleep on the floor because apparently the new squat is super tight for space).
Anyway, thanks for the email. It was sweet. Wish I was with you now…




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