My PURPLE TV Takeover: Censorship and Freedom of Expression

By Karley Sciortino /

I’m taking over Purple magazine’s PURPLE TV this week, with 7 days of videos on censorship and freedom of expression, curated by me! HERE you can see all my chosen vids all week long, from an extract of an early Russ Meyer skin flick that helped change the censorship laws in Hollywood, to the activism of early Playboy, to John Waters just being his progressive self! And more! 

Censorship has been a hot topic in the media recently—the continuing battle against government censorship of the internet, and the recent UK porn ban are two topics currently under heavy discussion. Sure, we’ve come a quite a way since the time of book burnings, and whitewashing pieces of history from children’s textbooks. And yet on a daily basis we are consuming and sharing information through the heavily patrolled, omnipresent censor-world of social media. Continuing with the theme of my recent Purple essay on censorship on Instagram, my Purple TV takeover looks back at censorship throughout the decades, and the pioneers who helped fight for our freedom of expression. Watch and learn :)



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