New Pee Comics

Photo by Sandy Kim

My pee slave, Brad, gave me a couple new comic strips when he came over my apartment yesterday for a golden shower. The deal is that I pee and spit into his mouth, and occasionally kick him in the head or whatever, and in turn he gives me money and specially-made comic strips, all of which are themed around–duh!–urine. My refrigerator door is covered in these things. Brad is cool and stuff, and his comics always make me laugh, but TBH it’s annoying when, after I pee into his mouth, he sometimes starts choking and pukes some of the pee back up onto my floor. It’s like, “Uggghhhh, seriously Brad? Get yourself together.”

Enjoy Brad’s pee comics. Happy Saturday :)

And another one…



8 Replies to “New Pee Comics”

  1. Hey Karley! I loved this, I think your posts about pee are prolly the best… maybe because it is (so far) pretty far from my reality, but reading about your humor-sparked adventures with it, I realize it’s just another stupid taboo that really isn’t that very shocking.

    Being the activist I try to be (maybe like you are an activist for sexual freedom etc) I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the veggie thing since you posted about it (the thirties ambiguity post). Jokes aside about being veggie to say it at dinner parties, here is something I thought you might enjoy (well, not enjoy, but understand), if you like me like reading/seeing things you aren’t supposed to because it isn’t very convenient, but nonetheless is very true. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (I’d def pee on him if he liked it alright) and music by Moby:

    Sincerely from Finland, Yer Slutfan Forever

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