New Purple Video: Merry Christmas!

Mavi Staiano and myself have made another video for Purple TV–the third in Slutever’s monthy video series. Watch it below! The new video has a special Christmas theme and, as you can see, is very chic. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it ;)

I <3 Purple 4eva!



14 Replies to “New Purple Video: Merry Christmas!”

  1. Your boyfriend must be the most unjealous boyfriend in the world. It’s a peculiar relationship you two have, it takes a lot of confidence from both parties. Personally I think jealousy is an important factor in a relationship (if its not to the extreme), it makes you feel like he wants you all to himself as strongly as you do to. Dont you ever find yourself wanting to find signs of jealousy from him?
    Besides that you do the job well, and I can tell you weren’t faking (or else you do a damn good job of it)! Were there people in the balcony with you or did you just put the cam there for the sake of privacy?

    1. Mavi who makes the videos with me filmed it. And thankfully, my bf is not a controlling maniac. You’re right, a little but of jealous is healthy, but relationships shouldn’t be about telling the other person what they can and can’t do, ya know?

  2. these are so depressing. oliver zahm is a throbbing, shit-covered pustule in the asshole of humanity. there is no amount of money or notoriety that makes validating the existence of this worm worth it. ew.

  3. @Ugh, calm down, it’s Christmas.

    Nice vid. If I hadn’t already jerked off (twice), I’d probably find it very skeet worthy. It has a certain Madonna-esque (circa ‘Erotica’) quality to it.

  4. HA! So far, I’ve made myself come twice while watching this video, and I’m a straight girl. That’s how how you are. A Christmas classic. Thanks.

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