New Slave = Even More Pathetic Than Last

My new slave is turning out to be pretty OK. Yesterday I made him buy Christmas presents for my family and friends. Like he bought my grandma this sandwich press thing that she really wants, and a new tea kettle for my mom, and some books for some other randoms. Of course I will not be informing my family that their gifts were purchased by my mentally unstable, possibly murderous man servant. I’m sure my friends won’t mind either way, as they’re lucky to even be getting gifts.

Just to confirm, I get no sexual pleasure from these photographs and emails that he sends me. I mean please, he’s disgusting and pathetic and has straight up MAN BOOBS, which basically makes him the antithesis of everything I am attracted to. I just think it’s really funny that he’ll do whatever I say. And while at the beginning I felt semi uneasy about taking advantage of these people who I don’t even know, I’ve now begun to enjoy the sense of power. I mean, why not, right?

Below is one of his recent emails.




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