New Slutever Film for Purple TV: Crimson Crusade

The new film for Purple mag is up! It was directed by the inimitable wunderkind Petra Collins, and stars the lovely and talented Sandy Kim and Alice Lancaster, and I’m in it too obvs. Also, many thanks to Avery Hunsberger for allowing himself to be eaten alive for the sake of this extremely important piece of art.




15 Replies to “New Slutever Film for Purple TV: Crimson Crusade”

  1. this video reminded me to ask you-

    how come u never mentioned your role in the ssion psy-chic video?
    maybe u did while i was on vacation…

  2. not sure if being ironic or just lame. and i usually like your stuff. I don’t know but the filter thing didn’t do it for me – you can’t turn bad art into good art through abstraction, that’s cheating.

    sorry, you all looked really hot though!


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