New Slutever Film on Purple TV: Watersports pt. 2

Hey skanks. The new Slutever film in my monthly film series for Purple magazine’s Purple TV is up now! Watch it HERE! It was directed by me and is starring “rent boy.” (Shh… he’s not actually a rent boy, he’s just my friend who didn’t want to be credited. Although I have known him to engage in prostitute-ish behaviors on occasion.) Those of you angry commenters who were offended by my last post will probably also find this film offensive and exploitative, so I’m sorry in advance! (j/k I’m not really)

This film is the follow-up to Watersports pt 1, a film I made last year with Mavi Staiano.



10 Replies to “New Slutever Film on Purple TV: Watersports pt. 2”

  1. mmmm that boy is pretty. i couldn’t understand what he was saying cause of his sexy british accent but i was too distracted by his face/body anyways. good work slutever!

  2. That kid must have been high… dilated pupils and talking utter nonesense, but thinking it makes sense.
    This is some sort of shit pseudo art-mid-brow-psychological-wet-dream.
    Awful torch!

    Your voice was the only sensual thing in that video.

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