New Slutever Film, Relationship Story, up on Purple TV!

Woo! The new Slutever film in my series for Purple TV is now up. Watch it HERE! It was directed by my friend, the amazing Robert Semmer, and stars Caleb Addison and myself. The music was done by Devonte “Blood Orange” Hynes.

I borrowed the name of the film from a short story I really love by Tao Lin. If you’ve ever been in a long term relationship, I really suggest you read it. I guarantee you will find eerie similarities between yourself and the characters that will make you feel simultaneously depressed and at one with the human race.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot! Movie magic!

 Very special thanks to Billy Voermann, Demetrious Argyropoulos and Benjamin Pagel!



27 Replies to “New Slutever Film, Relationship Story, up on Purple TV!”

  1. Truly, I hope this isn’t too auto-bio. Because I don’t care how adorable and frail any man is, if he won’t go down: it is time to move on. That goes for the gayelles as well. If you are sexually vigorous and genuinely attracted to someone, you are going to want to inhale their genitalia. Would you seriously date someone who wouldn’t kiss you? Oral sex is just next level kissing.

  2. How can someone as awesome as yourself stand having such a pompous boyfriend? Being aware that one is a condescending windbag does not make it cute. Goddamn.

  3. DUDE that was so beautiful. I love how you tie stories and sex together in such a natural way, but I was expecting (/hoping, sorry for being a mayj perv lovely) epic nudity or something, and ended up actually being incredibly moved. Really really really excellent stuff.

  4. If it’s fiction then why did you cast someone who looks like your actual boyfriend to play your “fictional” boyfriend?

  5. that was somehow…disturbing, idk? in a way more pornographic than any dick-sucking pics/masturbation videos you posted (and not in a good way)

  6. Well what I took from it is that it was a fictionalised version of reality, hence why Hamilton isn’t in it. Also maybe Hamilton is terrible at acting! Or maybe he just didn’t want to be in a film where he’d have to be mean to his real life girlfriend. No one apart from Karley and Hamilton knows how their relationship works so I won’t make any assumptions but obviously yeah, it would suck if he really is like that. But I feel your pain at the beginning, being insatiable is tough!

  7. Congarts on that one, actually and seriously said.
    I could tell you about the “french flair” (in your so american way, of(f)course) and the almost hilarious set above the fire place, the way you took autobio in-to film and your bra by the way (I rarely notice interesting underwears in modern aesthetics nowdays/anyways, unless they’re oldfashioned or dolly) and the fact that you kept it (plain and) simple and bla bla bla, but I won’t. (smile) The thing is you put together a very good short film and that is pretty worthy if you ask me. A good short is a big thing. Good for you all.

    Your diversity is what makes me follow your works at the end of the day. We’re “like seriously” (as you say in your language) Different. But I know we’d enjoy each other’s company and have great laughs, I appreciate the way you seem devoted to your friends and appreciative. And that for me is good quality, no matter what. (getting quite off topic here) In my nihilistic of a pessimist’s eyes, you are kind of a fresh air sometimes. A feminist in your own way and in your own right. Messed up, contradictive, vehement, ironic and sincere are some of your attributes I relate to.

  8. Moral of the story. Your pussy stank. Damn girl. Eat some pineapple

    How u gonna have fully make up after 12 hrs of sex?

  9. could you tell me the name of the guy in the last picture?
    i find him utterly and pervy hot and would die due to million orgasm achieved through seeing at least one more photo of him

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