New Slutever Video for Purple: Don’t Feel Bad!

The new film in my Slutever short film series for Purple TV is up now! You can watch it HERE! It was directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz (who I made the Telephone film with) and was written by Alan and myself. It’s starring me, Ruth Gruca and Ross Fraser. Enjoy!



20 Replies to “New Slutever Video for Purple: Don’t Feel Bad!”

  1. well said Oh-hi!!!

    and this was absolutely crap! Basically one of your girl-liking days put on the screen for the world wide web not to gain anything out of it, and the porn-masters voice is so annoying.

    vanilla sky was a shit movie and for some reason this reminded me off how it but a pointless naked version, because there is no content!

    don’t tell me its about the “prostitution/pornography” world and you’re “documenting” – oh dear.

    after all you still look good though, don’t want to crush your ego!

  2. I think I’ve had it with this blog. You sold out. What can you say other than I make money by degrading myself. You can love it personally, but don’t make it hip. So many girls have lost so much going down this slippery little path. I don’t worry about you because you have a grip, but your partner and so many other girls are just so clueless, and this culture takes advantage of that. Even if it is all an act, how many girls want to emulate you and lose, because american culture takes advantage of women’s desire to please.

    1. Uuuuughhhhh, this comment really discredits women as a whole. You’re choices aren’t everyone’s. Some people ENJOY being degraded; it’s a fetish. In which case, it’s empowering, not a “slippery little path.” Take care that you don’t infect others with your self-righteous bullshit. And for the record, I am a woman, and I have no fucking desire to please. I’m much more likely to rip you a new one. If I saw you at a party and overheard you saying any of this comment, I would call you out on it. Uncharmingly.

      1. “Some people ENJOY being degraded; it’s a fetish. In which case, it’s empowering”

        horrible horrible logic

        1. If someone recognizes a fetish within themselves and seeks to fulfill it, then they’re doing what they WANT to do. If you’re doing what you want to do, you’re acting and/or being empowered.

  3. If someone has a fetish and seeks to fulfill it, they’re acting and/or being empowered, because they are taking control of what they want for themselves.

  4. Sorry I don’t drink the same Kool Aid.
    I am all for being empowered and asking for what and getting it for yourself but come on, I’m criticizing the promoting medium, a lifestyle magazine that seeks to be relevant to the “hip”. I don’t care what gets your rocks off personally.

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