New Squat (Again)

The ten of us have moved again, this time into an abandoned office building near Elephant and Castle. Moving sucks massive d, but to be honest I’m actually really glad to be out of that last house. First of all it was way too small—everyone splitting rooms, sharing a single bathing bucket… ugh. Also we only lived there for two months but somehow we managed to fuck it up it to the point that it’s going to need some serious reconstructive work if anyone ever plans to inhabit it again. Rotting food everywhere, broken down doors, dead rat blood splattered all over the living room walls… we give squatters a bad name.

Our new squat is gigantic: twelve enormous rooms over four floors. It’s like having our own private mansion. Last night was our first night in the building. As always the first two hours were spent arguing over who gets what room. Eventually we all gave up and decided to just sleep in one giant floor bed because we all just LOVE each other SO much. As if.

New Place:

Some pics of the house we just moved from:

And one last time, R.I.P original Squallyoaks. Pics from our final party:

All pics by Darren Cullen



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