Nimrod Teaches Slutever about Youthisms

Everyone knows that having an extensive IRL vocabulary of the newest internet slang will help you to make friends and trap sexual partners. Thankfully, my friend(ish) Nimrod Kamer has made an instructional video about today’s coolest youthisms, specially for Slutever. Alongside him is the wonderful Sophie Wilkinson. Watch and learn guys!

If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Kamer, he’s a dialect-oracle, meme-prophet and social media climber who writes about all that’s hot and modern–for example Twitter etiquette, the correct usage of the finger hashtag, and how to blackmail celebities using Wikipedia–for places like Wired, The Huffington Post, and VICE. He also gave an extremely inspirational TED talk about Wikipedia, called “Wikiedit The Change You Want To See In This World.” Great title, huh? I am honored to say that Nimrod is now a contributor to Slutever.



18 Replies to “Nimrod Teaches Slutever about Youthisms”

  1. I could only watch until 1.30. What an insufferable hipster cliche douche that guy is. Child predator glasses, vintage polo and cardigan? it’s not 2003.

    Who’s your next contributor, Pharrell?

  2. ? shit hipsters say — real version?

    whatever slutever, it was fun enough to watch. iv’e been waiting forever or since the last time you posted.

    can you do a post about shit that’s cool on the internet bc i am so bored with all of it.?

    1. i second a “shit that’s cool on the internet” post. sites i flike are updated way less often in summer, which incidently is the time when i need them to update way more often. what is up with that?

      tbh i don’t want my life to revolve around the miranda july inbox thing for the nbext month

      1. the miranda july inbox thing is CRAY. did you get that one thing with the weird thing about K. Dunst? IDK, it’s so weird. not really, IDC

    1. Jezebel fired me. Apparently we have different visions. Lol. Aka I don’t have a stick up my ass.

  3. karley it;s not that bad! at least you arent a whore selling her fake ass and her baby to the public! GAW!. this is fine, you are fine.

  4. His accent (ironic or not) is super annoying, all their ‘jokes’ are not funny at all… I mean I just can’t decide who is the worst out of you three, Karley for “comissioning”, him for just being him or the rigid lesbian, as dry as your “journalism”

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