Not At All Creepy Emails

Opened this selection of not-at-all disturbing emails while drinking my daily protein shake this morning. Totally tragic… but like, in a cute way. Right?




19 Replies to “Not At All Creepy Emails”

  1. i love you you know like in a humanistic way and everything but i have never emailed you and i only would if i like felt like the need to tell you something private but really i would just tell you here on your blog b/c i really think you have made your blog very easily approachable and i feel like i can tell you anything out in the open and in public.

    thanks karley

  2. fucking disgusting submissive sluts. get on the fucking floor and piss your pants. then I want you to lick the piss dripping on the floor. imagine this piss is Karley’s. The piss you will never get a taste of because you are disgusting little sluts. Then I want you to piss inside a cup, hopefully you have a hard-on. I want you to dip your whole penis into the cup. Feel the warmth of the piss, imagine you are swimming inside of Karley’s uterus. Yes the uterus you will never be inside of you dumb dogs.

  3. hows come they dont just pick some wild flowers and scribble a little poem onto your heart..

    ring dring ,,, ring dring , dring dring…
    helo mummy its me.. its me mummy its me!
    oh its you again….
    yes mummy , guess what mummy, guess what mummy i got a finger in me ass!
    whats that? i know mummy i know its total class!
    click zz

  4. ive read pretty much ur entire blog over the years n it doesnt seem like uve ever gone 4 a black guy…………… uv done all these random things…….. yet most seem to be with white people?!! i think u shud go for the first nutter.xx

  5. Creepy as they may be you can’t blame for thinking that you would appreciate these e-mails. I mean, based on the content of your blog. And I suppose in their own fucked up way they do think they are being truly sweet and charming because they are clearly under the impression that you’re into that stuff. Aw now I’ve thought of it in this way I can’t help but think these e-mails are really adorable! Your fans <3 you Karley, ALL of them, in their own special unique snowflake way.

  6. the second email reminds me of how a cat likes to clean itself with their tongue- so with this guy, you could get a cat bath.

    i would totes want to cross that off my list of weird shit before i die.

  7. I just read all of your blog because I have a UTI from fucking so much. Thanks for having an entertaining sex life to help me through these tough times.

  8. “Golden Girls and See how many times I can make you cum with my mouth.” = interesting choice of sentence, structure- and content-wise.

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