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Watch the Now Apocalypse Interview on AOL Build

March 2, 2019

Yesterday I went on AOL Build with Gregg Araki, Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund to talk about our new show, Now Apocalypse! You can watch our interview here :)
Now Apocalypse—the new show I co-wrote with Gregg Araki for Starz—is hard to sum up in just one sentence. But here’s my best attempt: “A queer Sex and the City, meets David Lynch… with aliens :)” In this interview we talk a lot about how sexuality is represented in the show, and the process of writing, casting and filming the series. (Sadly actors Beau Mirchoff and Roxane Mesquida, who play the show’s other two main characters, couldn’t be there.)
Now Apocalypse premiers on Starz on March 10th. (If you don’t have a subscription to Starz, you can access all of Starz’ shows for just $9 a month by buying the Starz app!)



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