OMG I Need an Intern!

My last intern, Stan. Could this be your life?!

Like actually. Anyone interested? I need someone who lives in New York, who would be free a couple days a week to help me sort out my life. I don’t have an office (obvs), I work from my bed, in the lying down position with my laptop rested on my boobs, so it would be a very casual thing. Although sometimes we could go to a nearby cafe and drink chai soy lattes with our Macs and pretend to be important or whatever.

I need someone who is good at technical internet things, who can help me set up web stuff that I don’t know how to do. You don’t have to be some web design master, but I need someone with SKILLS, get it? You will also need to be able to do things like transcribe interviews, and sell my used underwear on Craigslist. I will also look to you for advice on stuff like what shoes go with what outfit, and what method of hair flippage is most the alluring. You know, important shit. I can’t pay you now but I’ll buy you food and alcohol on occasion and pay you in good vibes! :)

Email me if you’re interested!



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  1. the last website i made was a geocities page for my band when i was in middle school, which is probably the equivalent of 65 blogyears ago. no skills here.hey- but when you get an intern, can you choose a girl and also teach her how to be funny and stuff?cooool, thanks.

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