This Sex Toy Simulates Oral Sex (and Slut Icon Amber Rose Loves It)

Ever wished you could give yourself head? Same. Well now you can (sort of) with LELO’s oral sex simulator for women. And Amber Rose—aka the messiah of slutty feminism—wants to share the (self) love.

One of my favorite slut-positive moments in cinema history is from David Lynch’s film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. In the movie, Twin Peaks star Laura Palmer is sitting in a bar with a girlfriend and a man. Laura snaps her fingers, points to the dude and then points to the ground, and the guy obediently slips under the booth and goes down on her. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of moment, but it’s powerful nonetheless. Laura’s super-confident approach to getting head is inspiring not just because she’s an impossibly bold teenager, but because she knows exactly what she wants and how to ask for it, even without having to say anything.

An IRL sex positive icon (with a much happier life than Laura Palmer) is Amber Rose. Rose staked a claim as the hot bald messiah of slutty feminism pretty much as soon as she became a household name. Her confidence and candour about all matters sexy and feminist have positioned her at the helm of a larger (and truly overdue) movement that seeks to create a space for a shameless, pleasure-focused approach to female sexuality. Rose’s public renunciation of slut-shaming, her open and proud discussion of her past work as a stripper (“Best fucking time of my life”), and her pioneering work with the Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival all speak to her dedication to productive and crucial conversations about the intersection of female empowerment and sexual autonomy.

And now, Rose is collaborating with LELO—one of our favorite sex toy companies, duh—to get the word out about the Ora 2 oral sex simulator for women – a toy that (you heard it here first) mimics the sensation of someone going down on you. Men, it’s official: robots are taking your jobs.

You don’t need me to tell you that a lot of people still deal with shame when it comes to sex. It’s not our fault, obviously. With sex education that is condom-clad bananas at best and slut-shaming at worst, forging a confident and comfortable relationship to sex and our bodies takes a lot of work (and, often, unlearning). Oral sex in particular can be a source of stress and shame for people with pussies—which is annoying, because it should and can be a sublime experience, ugh. There’s something extremely vulnerable about having someone’s mouth going to town on your clit – and not only because it’s such a sensitive body part. In the U.S., women are taught next to nothing about their own sexual pleasure, or even what is going on down there, physically. You’re lucky if you graduate high school knowing your clitoris from your urethra, and you’re even luckier if you find a partner discerning enough to tell and/or care.

But the world is changing, and so are we. Sex-positive heroines like Amber Rose and sex toy trailblazers like LELO are paving the way for a new generation of women adamant about taking the pursuit and achievement of sexual pleasure into their own hands (literally).

Sex toys are an excellent way to learn about yourself, and what you like. And leaning what you like is integral, because it’s the first step towards getting great head, and being confident and relaxed enough to enjoy it. Lots of women treat their vaginas like black holes that happen to be part of their bodies, and just stick things in them once and a while (tampons, dildos, dicks, etcetera). But your pussy needs care and attention. It needs a close look in a handheld mirror, a full day (or week, or lifetime) of testing out touches that titillate, a good dose of patience, a female oral sex simulator (if you’re lucky) and, most importantly, an approach to your body that removes shame from the equation. LELO’s oral sex vibrator for women, Ora 2, is a particularly excellent tool for just this. Just ask our slutty heroine Amber Rose. For everyone out there who at some point wished you could give yourself head (admit it)… well, now you can :)

This article was created in partnership with LELO. 

Words by Sophia Larigakis. Drawings by Maggie Dunlap.



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