Pee Comix and Such

Here’s the latest comic strip made for me by my pee slave, Brad. Brad makes me one of these lovely little drawings every time we meet up for a golden shower session. Seriously, the guy loves drinking my pee so much, he can never seem to get enough of the stuff. (Except maybe for that one time where he literally puked back up my urine in front of me– apparently that time he had a little too much.)

I’ve recently been feeling tempted to taste my pee myself, to see what all the fuss is about, as according to Brad it tastes so good I could “bottle it and sell it for gold.” I asked my boyfriend to taste it the other day too, but he just said “Eww no” and then told me to leave his apartment. After I promised not to pee on him he said I could stay, but then later when I asked him if he wanted to experiment with my new horsetail butt-plug (#PonyPlay) he made a disgusted face and then told me to leave again.

How could anyone not find this hot?!

Finally I gave up and asked him if he would just have normal, non-pee, non-horsetail sex with me, and he said “Only if you help me take down the trash.” I agreed and then we had sex and it was really great. The end.

On to the comic!



13 Replies to “Pee Comix and Such”

  1. what? only a secretary? better climb that ladder, Ms Mapplethorpe! he might be topping you from below…

  2. the horse tail plug looks way cuter than i expected! wonder if people with tail fetishes know about these…my friend loves girls that resemble animals and dreams of a girl with a tail, i must notify him immediately! Thx, slutever! <3

  3. I’d let you do whatever you wanted with pee and horsehair as long as i could eventually replace that plug with my penis. then my lips, eyeballs, kidneys and kneecaps. remember when prince charles told camilla that he wanted to be her tampon? people were like ‘eww, gross’ but i totally knew where he was coming from.

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