The Unseen Archives of Stacey Mark

Text by Karley Sciortino / Images by Stacey Mark /

Stacey Mark is one of my favorite photographers, which is probably obvious from the fact that like half of the header images on this blog are by her. Recently, Stacey let me raid through her archive (aka Macbook) for previously unseen images, and outtakes from her shoots. This is what I found :)

What I love about Stacey’s images is that they’re incredibly sexy, and yet remain so subtle and pure and feminine. They’re like photos from 70s Playboy, except dreamier and more cinematic–and, ya know, less salacious. (Not that I’m not down for salaciousness sometimes, but I separate it from beauty and art.)

Stacey shoots for mags like Purple, Dazed, Lady, Vice and tons more. Oh yeah, and one time Stacey and I made a video where I fucked a magazine :)


IMG_3455IMG_3386IMG_3316IMG_3313IMG_3325brit 12IMG_3382IMG_3338brit 16IMG_3339IMG_3463IMG_3451IMG_3376IMG_3464IMG_3443IMG_3340




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