Potential New Slave

My slave dumped me. Sad face! Apparently now that he’s a jobless loser he can no longer afford to buy me books or pay my rent. Also, he claims I didn’t give him enough attention, and that I wasn’t very good at insulting him, which in turn makes me a “bad dominatrix” thus not worthy of “what little money he has left.” Well FUCK YOU, you needy little bitch.

No but seriously TBH, I was sort of upset when I received the break-up email, as over the past few months I’ve grown pretty fond of getting sent free stuff. Fortunately, I recently received a Facebook message from some fat pathetic creep guy, offering me what appears to be similar services. He’s been sending me photos like the ones you see here. I am hoping that he will take up where the last slave left off.


Ironically, Slave#1 has sort of been helping me out with the potential new slave, giving me tips on what to say and how to treat him, to get as much out of the guy as possible. You know, teaching me the sadomasochistic lingo or whatever. So basicallly now my original slave is telling me what to do. Talk about a role reversal. Below is an example of some of his recent advice:

“Us ‘subs’ are mostly all the same. I assume he just wants to be humiliated, dressed up like a woman, maybe make him do it in public places? A good one is to make him buy underwear from a women’s store. I’ve had to do that before. Then after I had to take a photo with them on in the same shopping centre, so like I had to go to John Lewis and get other clothes and pretend to try those on while I put the panties on and took photos for her. If you make him buy panties in a shop make sure you tell him you want a photo of the receipt as proof. He is probably into small cock humiliation too, so you can’t go wrong telling him that you love big cock and how he could never satisfy you. I guess find out how big his cock is first, maybe just ask for a nude pic, then regardless of how big it is tell him it’s small. And don’t be nice to him! If you want him to become addicted to you you need to become a bitch. Make him beg to buy you stuff. Don’t ask him to do stuff for you, tell him. And then when he does it make sure he thanks you.”

Gosh, life is short and there is so much to learn!



8 Replies to “Potential New Slave”

  1. Wow. That's good timing with the new guy. Is that a skirt he is wearing? Looks too small for him but wouldn't say he is fat fat, just meaty!

  2. i read your blog religiously and i'm most certainly not sixteen or a masochistic old dude (though i am a masochistic mid-twenties female, which is like the worst of both those groups, i suppose. like it matters). at any rate, i find your life riveting.

  3. ugh, i just want a slave so bad. i think being rude to people over email is my calling, why will no one reward me for it.

  4. Do you think there is any gay guys that are into financial slavery? I don't dig dick at all I just want money and free stuff.

  5. oh you should take photos of him like that (including face) and send them to his family. with you sitting on top of him, eating angel delight out of your pussy.

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