potential poem titles

the hurricane is fucking up my sex life

i want sex but the only thing in my apartment is a tuna melt

“i feel bad”

i bought coffee with change from my couch: help me i’m poor vol.1

chinese people laugh at my phone

fat and sassy: a way of life

lesbian nightmare festival

if i check-in on foursquare can i get half off my pizza? – help me i’m poor vol.2

who moved my trash pile?

do you have a bag of chips in your purse and how far away are you from me?

triple meat salad


i feel insecure about my arms

why is this fucking person standing so close to me?

vintage laptop

indie laptop

my gym gives out free guacamole… are they trying to sabotage me?

girl dies in ferocious scissoring accident

homeless people think i’m lady gaga

no, YOUR pizza has AIDS

ode to carb relapse

my weave won’t be caught with some stuffed-crust bullshit

maybe i’ll do some leg lifts

hurricane causes multiple cases of fatal grindr withdrawal

no, that’s a rash

i was attacked by some idiot from out here in the projects

i told my stomach if it gets any bigger it has to start chipping in for bills and paying for its own health insurance

eating my feelings: vol.7

there’s an alarm going off inside my lizard brain

nothing matters

what if my ingrown hair…



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      1. You should hit me up (I was about to use hmu but then #tragic) because I work for a local music site thing in Miami and could get you into some gigs for free as my plus one! Just let me know (email me or whatever) because there is gonna be some great shit going on this time round :)

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