R.I.P. Our Stuff

As it’s only a week until our beloved squat is being smashed into a pile of rubble, yesterday my housemates and I decided to drag all of our worldly possessions out onto the street and attempt to sell it to the crack heads/mutants who live in the neighboring council estate. This included the majority of our furniture, some clothes, a basketball hoop, about three thousand VHS tapes, some miscellaneous junk, and some music equipment we later realized was actually our neighbors. Woops! We’ve aquired an insane amount of crap over the three years that we’ve lived here, so we figured selling it would be a good way to make some extra cash. Also realistically none of us can be fucked to lug all this junk onto our next house/shithole.

Selling everything made us feel really sad and nostalgic. Lauren (skeleton costume) actually was brought to tears at one point. However I think that may have been partially because she was on acid and kept thinking everyone had a machine gun hidden in their bag.

This basketball hoop used to be in our bathroom.

Wheelchair girl smoked some opium given to her by a guy from the council estate, then spent the majority of the day wheelchairing around asking what day of the week it was. No one knew.

The high point of the day for me was when Kerri (above) attempted to sell an old Muslim woman a copy of Bridget Jones’ Diary on tape for £400, claiming it was a collectors item. She just couldn’t let it go.

In the end we made £82, which we were all really excited about. However when we went inside/came down off all the drugs we were on, we realized we had litterally nothing, and had sold things that we actually needed, like all of our forks and knives and everything that could be used as a chair or something to sit on, and got really depressed. RIP our stuff.



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