Random T-Shirt Whatever!

Remember a while ago I told you that I was selling Slutever T-shirts? And that wearing one would make you instantly cooler, more sexually desirable, and more famous all at once? Well, I still have a handful of T-shirts left. They’re $40 + shipping, and they are like a piece of fine art in that they will increase in value over time, obviously.

They are a limited edition run of 200 only, and they are super soft. I wear mine to bed, because it’s sort of tragic to wear a photo of your own vaj on your tits in public, right? IDK. If you want one, please email me at karleyslutever@gmail.com with the subject “T-shirt,” and please tell me what country you live in and what size you would like in the initial email. They run in sizes s-m-l-xl, and run like American Apparel men’s sizes. (I have mainly smalls left, FYI, and a small fits me well, if slightly loose.) Payment by Paypal only.

Check out these cool cats modeling the Slutever T! Also, if you have a T-shirt, pleeease send me a pic of you wearing it to karleyslutever@gmail.com!

That’s Kimberly Kane in the photo above. OMGGGG! And that glamorous pencil drawing is by Ally DeVellis.

Also, here’s some glamorous reader art. (If you made one of these and I didn’t credit you, please email me and I’ll fix it. I’m unorganized and lose track of who send me what, oops :/)

My slave is an idiot.

Also, here’s a couple emails I recently received. I thought I would share these two gems with you, to give you an idea of what I go through every day. Like, WTF is that dude? A photo of your dick wrapped in swaddling blankets? I just puked in my own mouth.

I particularly love this one. It’s great to wake up in the morning to an email in your inbox with the subject line, “You’re complete shit lol.” This guy is criticizing my Jezebel column and saying that I give bad advice (WHAT?!), but his criticism of the column is that it makes him laugh… makes him laugh, because it’s so bad, it seems. But the kicker is, the whole point of writing something that’s intentionally funny is to make people laugh… right? Shit, now I’m confused.




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  1. LOL, Karley, the Swaddling Blanket Dick Guy’s name and email address are pretty easy to read despite your cute ‘black line’ censorship.

    I’m sending him a picture of a swaddling blanket wrapped in flaccid dicks, just for you.

  2. I love the shirt. My favorite part of the second email is his use of “nitwit”. Hilarious! I’ve read thru some comments on Jezebel and crack up because people seem so confused over whether you are being 100% serious or tongue in cheek. At least they’re laughing :)

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