Richardson Radio

Me and Andrew Richardson <3

Richardson mag, everyone’s favorite/the only academic sex magazine, now has its own radio show on know-wave radio, yay! As you can imagine, the show is very smart and sexy, with lots of dirty sex talking, paired with some intellectual rants, inspired ideas, and the occasional segment of great/dark/holy music. I was very honored to be asked as a guest on the show a couple of times over the past month, (as you may already know from my tweets about it). All of the Richardson radio segments are now available for streaming on the Richardson mag site. They’re each two hours long and hosted by the mag’s editor and publisher, the amazing Andrew Richardson. The two episodes that feature me are:

Richardson Radio episode 1: Where I interview Mr. Richardson about the genesis of his sex magazine, and we talk about a whole bunch of other wonderful things like death, porn and tantric sex. Other guests on this episode include Dev “Blood Orange” Hynes, Alexandra Marzella and Carly Mark. 

Richardson Radio episode 3: Featuring an interview with Cindy Gallop, the founder of Make Love Not Porn, as well as an interview with porn superstar Belladonna. Also, we all get into a pretty deep convo about feminism, porn and sex education. Other guests on this episode include Alexandra Marzella and Carly Mark. 



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  1. someone should tell richardson that he is too much of a rich fuck to be skimping a poor cab driver on tip! what the fuck!
    here’s a good hate comment for him. fuck you.

    but karley you rule and i wish i didn’t care if i had my tits show up in google search.

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