The “Science of Sex” Podcast is a Gift For Your Ears

The Science of Sex is a podcast created by Patron Saint of Sexology Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, and sex enthusiast Joe Pardavila. It features illuminating info on everything from threesomes, to sexual aggression, to the brains of promiscuous people. Here’s why you need to hear it. By Sophia Larigakis.

I’ll be honest: At risk of offending the delicate and cultured sensibilities of podcast princesses the world round, until this week I had never listened to a podcast in my life. But, after years of seeing headphone’d people smiling to themselves on the subway like they just got a sexy text, I’ve finally given in. And unsurprisingly, I’ve been converted.

Listening to The Science of Sex podcast is definitely like getting a sexy text on the subway. Created by and featuring eminent sex researcher and NYU professor Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and “a guy who’s a fan of sex” named Joe Pardavila, The Science of Sex is both a rollicking good listen and really fucking informative. The aim? To provide “accurate, non-judgmental information about sex research.” Yes, please.

Joe Pardavila is a smooth-talking polymath whose voice can otherwise be heard on 95.5 PLJ Radio (NYC). Dr. Zhana is a professor of human sexuality at NYU whose research focuses primarily on such juicy subjects as nonmonogamy, casual sex and sexual orientation. Dr. Z also often lends her well-honed insight to the “pages” of Slutever. She’s a kind of sex preacher, spreading the gospel of factual, topical sex information to the pitifully uneducated masses. I am delighted to be the missionary for her cause.

The dynamic between Joe and Dr. Zhana is the perfect cocktail of scientific and gossipy. Dr. Zhana’s admirable dedication to her research is perfectly complemented by Joe’s boyish curiosity, and Joe’s goofiness is an excellent foil to Dr. Zhana’s dry humor. The result is a podcast that both excites and enlightens. Series highlights include an investigation into the relationship between porn and marriage, millennial sexuality and the holy grail of titillating (and mysterious) topics: the female orgasm. Be good to your ears (and brain, and sex life) this winter and listen to The Science of Sex. Your lovers will thank you. Your friends will want in. People on the subway will be jealous, and they won’t even know what they’re missing.

Listen here:

Sophia Larigakis is a Canadian writer living in New York City, and an editor at Slutever.




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