Selling My Soul

So remember the other day when I said some Australian creep paid me $75 for a piece of paper with my spit and cum on it? Well here’s a photo of the letter I sent him. Blogging about this little exchange turned out to be a good idea, as it’s already inspired a few other random creeps to place orders–one from a guy who wants pictures of me in nylon tights and another from a guy who wants a video of me saying his name over and over. Ca-ching! All in a day’s work, huh? So I guess this means I’m an entrepreneur now. Kind of like Jay-Z. Cool… Get in touch with me at if you want to “do business.”

P.S. I was recently interviewed on the wonderful I Like You podcast. Check it out if you want to hear me ramble about internet slaves, squatting, and the Vice Slutever show!



13 Replies to “Selling My Soul”

  1. Shit, I wish someone would pay me to spit and cum on a piece of paper. That’s easy money right there.

  2. that interview kinda sucked…. the questions were kinda boring… things i would want to know about you:
    1- isn’t the fact that guys PAY doms to dominate them a turnoff, it’s obviuosly an act… like when you have to tell your BF to treat you like shit, it ruins the feeling of being dominated…..
    2- how much do you get paid for a pee sesh?
    3- do you use tampons? is your PMS bad?
    4- do you take the pill?
    5- do you want to have kids?
    6- do you still do drugs? you seem kinda healthy since you are in the us
    7- aren’t you affraid of the consequences of fame?
    8- are you inlove?
    9- would you get a boob job?
    10- do you ever get jealous with you bf?

    1. 11- would you post a picture of you vagina open?
      12- have you fucked a black guy?
      13- is your asshole hairy?
      14- have you fingered hamilton?
      15- how many times do you fuck per week?
      16- do you ever have missionary boring sex?

  3. This makes me so sad because I’ve never had a female ejaculation, so I feel like I’m being excluded from this (obviously) highly lucrative industry of selling bodily fluid. Do you think one could substitute with mayonnaise? Of does that break some kind of moral fluid code of conduct?

    ps. On any other blog I would find stalker #999’s comments disturbing but here they kind of… set the tone?

  4. Hi karley! I just finished reading all of your blog posts. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I really love your writing. I was actually introduced to your blog through this girl who did a presentation about you in my intersection of sex and fashion class. I’m really glad I showed up to class that day :) seriously your blog has introduced me to so many things I would have never known about. So yeah, thanks for being awesome!

  5. Hey Karley

    I started this blog called Sex, Fries, and Lookie-likies
    It mostly for collecting and posting up interesting dating/sex stories from people, but I also
    do hot chip reviews and put up comics I draw. Anyway, I wondered if you had a story you
    might want to contribute? That would be rad.

    I’m from New Zealand by the way, love your stuff!


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