This Week in Sex: Flashlights & Wet Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a “wet” dream and wondered if you actually came? (Yes! WTF is happening?!) Is sleep deprivation making you less horny? What does “losing your virginity” mean in a post-cishet world? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

This is an account of the wonders of sex-positivity parties. It’s not an orgy, like I thought, but it is a fun sex-ed community gathering where you can buy dildos and learn about orgasms.

Here is a history of the often-mocked Fleshlight, which is like a portable vagina tube. Stoya’s personalized Fleshlight ‘The Destroya’ has been bought 75,000 times.

Have you ever woken up from a “wet” dream and wondered if you actually came? And if so, does that mean you were sleep-masturbating? Apparently it’s possible for people of all genders to cum when they sleep without being touched, because orgasms happens primarily in the brain! 

Can you rescue your relationship in eight dates? This couple wrote a book about how to faciliate eight must-have relationship conversations about topics from sex to dreams to money, responding to the shocking statistic that couples who both work and have kids speak about 35 minutes a week, and mostly about chores.

Here are some notes and advice on what “losing your virginity” means in a post-cishet world.

A new documentary focuses on the deadly use of the drug GHB as sex-party fuel in the gay community (it is estimated that a fatal overdose occurs once every 12 days in London alone), but it perhaps sensationalizes a complex story.

Get more sleep; have more sex. One hour extra sleep can increase the chance of you wanting to have sex the next day by 14%.

Wild Flower is a “sexual wellness boutique” in Brooklyn, NY run by married couple Amy and Nick Boyajian. Read this bizarre story of how they’re using black femmes as pawns in their turf war with rival adult store Unbound Babes.



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