Vice Slutever Show: Sex is Fashion

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST it’s FASHION WEEK. But don’t worry, the glamor sorcerer known as Sophia Lamar is here to lift you from the depths of TRAGIC into the exalted arms of Karl Lagerfeld. (But in an aloof way.) Forever fashion.



23 Replies to “Vice Slutever Show: Sex is Fashion”

  1. Karley, holy shit. THis was so glamorous. I was loling forever. Best video so far. I cannot wait for you to tell us about all the male models you have sex with in bathrooms.

  2. jesus karley go and buy an iphone already…or an ipod touch…you don’t even need a service contract to do anything just a connection…download the twitter app and live tweet…if you want to talk on the phone download the google voice app and you can talk all day for free you just need a connection…

  3. Ok I normally like your stuff but this sucked a bit. You essentially just interviewed an elderly anorexic crackwhore for 8 minutes. Which is fine but you didn’t really ask her any interesting questions either.

    1. Elderly? Sophia is ageless her body and her face are fantastic whatever age she is . How good you look are your age right now?

  4. you can get touch screen samsungs or whatever with connection instagram twitter etc for like $250, i think you’re just being greedy

  5. Karley,
    I actually find you more interesting and cutting edge by having that phone than any iphone asshole holder.
    #Nothing personal2iphoneassholes

  6. ya know, i’ve done so much stuff with guys in bathrooms this summer, it’s funny that you asked about it. as well as bathrooms i’ve been doing it in parks, an internet cafe booth and a cable car.

    sometimes i feel like it’s not so so glamorous because, like, it’s something i do on a first date/first encounter when it becomes really obvious that we have nothing in common

  7. oh Karley! This was one of the best so far. So funny! The *look bored* moment had me laughing so hard. And the last bit….wipes laughter tears away. Plus you look hot in the black dress! xx

  8. LOVED this episode! Sophia is so right, especially when she says anything implanted in your vagina is glamourous- so true! However, I disagree with her about your phone… I love that you have that kind of phone! Needing to have the same phone as everyone else to feel glamourous?= tragic!

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