This Week in Sex: Lube, the Kamasutra & Sex Toy Hygiene

What’s the best way to clean your sex toys? Is it ok to masturbate to the sound of your neighbors going at it? Are there any good portrayals of sex work in film right now? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Is it bad to masturbate to the sound of your neighbors going at it? Stoya and Rich weigh in.

Lube is great and you should use it.

The artist Aya Takano is opening a new solo show of drawings of the Japanese kamasutra.

The story goes that men want to spread their “seed” everywhere they possibly can because the urge to procreate is just so overwhelming. This Dutch IVF doctor took this idea to heart, and started swapping out donors’ semen for his own, secretly sowing his seed in up to 60 unwitting women.

Niche advice question: What should you do if you started out writing erotic fiction, gained a following, and are now catfishing people?

There is an art to cleaning your sex toys, and here’s how to do it good and well.

The new film Sauvage/Wild is being hailed as a nuanced portrayal of sex work, by some—here are two hot takes.

Another recent portrayal of sex work—a documentary called Blowin Up—is similarly being praised for its depiction of sex workers.



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