This Week in Sex: April 22

Is there an art to masturbating? Why is Pamela Anderson’s sex book kosher? How does sex change after vaginoplasty? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

The excellent (and very funny) podcast Reply All talked with sex workers and economists about the negative implications the SESTA/FOSTA bills will have on sex workers.

An exhibition featuring art that deals with masturbation is currently on view in London, because it’s about fucking time someone recognized the art of jerking off.

Apparently getting it on in the great outdoors like a coupla post-hibernation bears is a real thrill!

Don’t fret if you’re fucking isn’t up to par right away – most relationships start out badly, sex-wise.

Pamela Anderson wrote a book about having good sex… and it’s co-authored by orthodox rabbi Shmuly Boteach, obviously. According to Schmooze (“Your Jewish Pop Culture Fix”): “Anderson and Boteach’s earth-shattering theory seems to be that people’s marriages will be better if they have good sex with each other. This reasonable conclusion is one Anderson and Boteach back up with stories of their personal and professional experiences and Anaïs Nin quotes.” So yeah.

Tara Booth’s woozy illustrations deal with sex and sexuality with humor and openness.

“I exist in my wonderful trans-ness. My neo-pussy isn’t a cis vagina. No, to me it is far more elegant and multifarious than any simple copy or simulation. It is a work of art.” Writer Juno Roche muses on the nuances of sex before and after vaginoplasty.

Knock offs for knocking off: here are some (good) sex toys on sale this week.

Some people work in offices, others embroider cum shots onto doilies.



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